Yazan Dayoub
Dear Mrs. Congressman,

During your consultations to discuss giving approval to Mr. Obama for military strike against Syria; we would like to draw your kind attention to the following points:
1- We as Syrians; suffered & still from terrorist from more than two years. Unfortunately; your government is supporting those terrorists during all this period. This support was appeared in different ways: with intelligence information, money & with different of kinds of weapons.
Money that paid by your people, by your taxpayers…

– How come you suffered & pain from terrorist during the last years & now you are support them!!!
– How come you struggle against AL Qaida & now you will go to fight the regime how fight those terrorists on his land!!!
– How come you lost a lot of your citizens & soldiers by this terrorist organization & now you are going to give them victory by military strike against the Syrian army who fight to uproot this criminal organization!!!
– How come your nation will support slaughters, vampires & men hearts eaters ( a lot of YouTube’s showing those atrocities that made by terrorists of Al Qaida members & what call Free Syrian Army… all that under Al Qaida flag)!!!!

2- Regarding the case of “ Using Chemical Weapons against civilians”; you are kindly requested to make some logical questions especially for the related fake movies such as:

– How come this alleged massacre was after one day of agreement with UN for investigative mission?
– How come the related videos just showing children, without parents or adults?
– How come such films were uploaded onto Internet the day before it was said to have happened?
– Please make your researches & you will find a lot of reports by independents journalists & agencies that affirmed & assured with evidences that this massacre was done by terrorists.

Dear Mr. Congressman, 
As Syrians, we have very old & ancient civilization, we are not in enmity with American People. But we will struggle & fight to defend our country…
You are now facing a historic moment to stand with your free conscience & to carry out your responsibilities to your humanity, your nation & your electors.

With all respect
Syrian Citizen