Good afternoon Americans we are getting a lot of reports that people are getting visits from the FBI and others for post on fb and some say from sharing from our page. We know they are watching us and we are doing nothing wrong other than telling what the MSM won’t you know that little thing called TRUTH. So if you get a visit from one of those agencies please share it and we will share it with everyone. They do not scare us because all they are doing is trying to silence the people by intimidating us. I am so tired of these federal agencies screwing with regular people that don’t agree with this current administration. Fb blocks our page on a daily basis because we are not kissing this administrations ass. Fb block people from being able to share or comment on articles and they take our post down when ever they want. No matter what they do we are still here and we will be until they take us down. We also have our own website and it is so nice to go to our website and not have to worry about the censorship of this is where we can go and know we are not blocked. I wish everyone on here would start writing fb every single day and ask why they are doing these things to our page. I don’t know but if you actually see this status share it and please let us know if you are not getting our news in your news feeds. YOUR THOUGHTS??OORAH