The Pain of the Patriot

From DC Clothesline
Editor’s Note: The below is just a rant. I need to do this sometimes. Don’t use it as an excuse to stop reading The Clothesline. We will remain committed to bringing you the stories that you enjoy reading.

I fight the fight that they say can not be won. I spend my days speaking of things which many no longer believe in. I am labeled a radical and a conspiracy theorist. People think I am crazy. I can understand why. I speak of things which are unimaginable. Only a world completely devoid of morals could support such vile acts of oppression. I understand completely that people think I have a few screws loose, because just over a year ago I would havebeen one of the first in line to cast stones. I tend to be too judgmental for my own good. So yes, the old Dean Garrison would have called the new Dean Garrison a fruitcake. I can’t deny that.

But something funny happens when you open your eyes and your mind to what is really going on. You start to see that evil is real and pervasive in our society. It’s not just politics but an entire support system that has been systematically built to support such corruption. It is in our schools. It is in the media. It is in both political parties.

I used to call myself a republican but wonder if I will ever carry that label again. I see the corruption happening everywhere and it makes my heart ache like nothing I can describe.

Today I had what you would call a bad day and rather than fake a smile and pump you full of empty motivation I am going to try to express the pain of what it feels like to be an American Patriot, at least from my perspective.

I believe in a God that is no longer allowed to rule over the land I love. Evidently the egos of Washington make this impossible. They see a loving God as unhealthy competition for their authoritarian views. They are the law of this land in their eyes. Not God. Christianity is made fun of in my country. It is made out to be a sickness. The same people who cast these stones and snap the whips at my people are living by the same calendar I am. Jesus Christ, no matter what they think of Him, is still the only human being who has ever been able to split time to my knowledge. Most of the world follows a calendar that tells me that this is 2013 A.D. That date is based upon the life and death of Jesus Christ.

The absence of Jesus Christ in our society makes it much easier to justify the sins of this land. I suppose it makes baby killers and war mongers sleep better at night by feeling like He has no authority over them. They will someday remember what many of them were taught as children. There is only one authority in this world whether it be America or anywhere else. With that said I do not push my religion on anyone but I do not like to see it ridiculed either. I love my God and my guns and our very own President is the first to cast stones because of that.

When politicians used to say “God Bless America” I believe that most of them meant it. Now it has become an obligation that they say it on occasion so that they do not alienate the Christian voting block. We aren’t that stupid.

Today I look around and realize that I am a slave to something much bigger than Obama. Our country is run by The Federal Reserve banking system. That is why income taxes are collected. It is not to pay it forward and support my fellow Americans. It is simply to support the interest on the debt that our government has accrued.

I see a government that can target me and make the story disappear. I see Americans locked up for reasons that are not supported by the constitution and after a brief fit of rage by me and my fellow Patriots they are forgotten. Are you aware that Adam Kokesh is still in prison? As much as I saw his plan for the armed march in D.C. to be unwise I realize that he is nothing more than a political prisoner in a nation that is supposed to be “the home of the free.”

Home of the free? The United States makes up 5% of the world population but boasts 25% of the world’s prison inmates. This is fact. Google it.

Today I had a lousy day. Honestly I think about quitting more than anyone will ever know. I am admitting that. I think about quitting almost every single day.

Why? Because I am human and I let people get in my head. I give them free rent in there. I listen to them sometimes when I should not. I haven’t quit yet and will continue to fight off those urges for as long as I can because I’d rather die free than submit to slavery.

That is what we are. We are slaves. I saw a video the other day that hit me hard. An American Indian said that the reservation had grown and we were now all living on it. How very true and how very sad.

A free man has rights that are not given by government but by a God who gives these rights to all men. A corrupt government does everything it can to extinguish those rights and deny the existence of the One who grants them.

I bleed every single day for this country. It may be in a figurative sense but it still hurts. It keeps me up at night and it makes me angry. Anger is not an accurate description because when I am not in a somber state like I am now, I am often filled with insatiable rage. It’s hard to control. That’s why I turn to my writing and I turn to what I consider my ministry, which is The D.C. Clothesline.

No I am not an actual minister. I didn’t graduate from any school of theology and I am not an expert on the scriptures. You won’t find many Christians that know less Bible verses than me. I am what I am. The Bible is a blueprint for life. I don’t have every verse memorized but I know about the life of Jesus Christ and without Him I probably would have killed myself many times over.


Because I look around and know that life is not supposed to be this way. I see the nasty corruption at all levels of government, all over the media and coursing like an unkempt virus throughout our schools and I am scared. I feel helpless most of the time but I have to do something because someone has to do something.

So I fight against invisible enemies. I yell when no one is listening. I try to compete for eyes in a media market that is controlled by polished journalists and big media sources with big advertising budgets.

I do what I can because I am afraid for my children.

If it were just me I might choose to remain a slave. I pass out in my chair multiple times every day because I am so sleep deprived. If you look at the picture above (bad selfie) you will see my reality. My eyes have bags and I haven’t shaved in a week or so. 21 hour speaking sessions don’t impress me because I do 24 hours straight routinely.

I do this for my God, my Family and my Country. I do it because it is the right thing to do and I do it because someone has to.

I do it for the same reason you do. We do it because no one else will and we will not die as slaves. We will die as free men and women and this is not negotiable.

This is our time and I still have the core belief that we will win, but I only feel that way because I believe in a God that loves the Patriots of this country and I believe that when we are weak and stumbling that He will find a way to carry us as lead us to victory.

I know my limitations and am reminded of them often. I only carry on because I feel that if I do my part that my God will reach out and deliver the final blow to restore freedom in this country.

You don’t have to be a Christian to roll with me. I was born of a mixed faith couple and I know that good people come from good values that are taught in many faiths.

I am just letting you inside my head and if you choose to hate me for that then that is your choice.

I believe in  the people of this country and I believe that we will rise again. I just have to keep turning that pain into positive action and if I do that, and not worry about what is happening around me, then I will have fought the good fight.

And truly that is all that any of us can do.

So if you are done fighting please get out of the way because we have enough negativity to deal with. If we are insane then so be it. If we are fighting a battle that we can not win then let us do it.

We still believe in America and we will not back down. We will not die as slaves and if we have to free a bunch of undeserving souls to gain our own freedom then that is how it has to be.

Cling to your God and cling to your guns.

Be proud of that.

This is our country and we will take it back. They can not stop us. The only way we can be stopped is if we give in to that pain and give in to the naysayers.

If you don’t quit you will eventually win, or die trying.

But if I die a free man that is victory enough for me. The real reward does not lie on this earth for me. The real reward is something bigger.

In the mean time I think that I have a government to overthrow because God’s people deserve much better.