Wow! The Frenchies are finally getting tough. French Tell Muslims to Sack Lunch It on Pork Days or Go Hungry….

Marine Le Pen, President of Frances National Front, the third largest political party in France, has informed the Muslims that the schools in the 11 towns her party won in the local elections will no longer be serving alternative halal lunches on the days pork is on the menu.

“We will not accept any religious demands in school menus,’” Le Pen told RTL radio. “There is no reason for religion to enter the public sphere, that’s the law.’”

Shariah law condemns the eating of pork.

Since Muslims have an aversion to pork due to religious constraints, they will be forced to either eat the cuisine or provide for themselves on the days pork is scheduled for lunch. Shariah law prevents Muslims from eating pork.

Muslim children refused to eat the alternative meals.

Apparently the 61 million secular French are tired of bending to the religious demands of the 5 million Muslims residing in the country. A mayor in one of the towns said the measure was being instituted due to the costly burden of the policy. He went on to say that the children were not eating the alternative food provided and it was going to waste.

A Pattern of Complaints

In the past Muslim students frequently interrupted classes, objecting to curriculum addressing the holocaust, the crusades and evolution.

The disrespect and intolerance of the Muslim students for French society resulted in the necessity of teachers to be trained to explain the government’s policy of separation of church and state.

Mayor Fabien Engelmann, of Hayanges has proposed a “pork fest” day for his town insisting it is not aimed at insulting the local Muslims.


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