Powdered Wig Society

By Thomas Madison

While American law enforcement officials crow about how they are protecting us from terror within our borders by feeling up little old ladies in airports, the Russians are walking the walk. Is there any question that these Islamic extremist cockroaches will be dealt with in the harshest way? Russia cares not a whit about political correctness.

Among the items found in the raid were many loaded firearms, bombs, suicide belts, and Islamic extremist literature. The group has ties to a fundamentalist Muslim organization from Egypt.

Is there any doubt that terror cells like this one exist in the United States? Russia warned us about the Tsarnaev brothers. What did we do about it? NOTHING! The Border Patrol has been finding Korans in the desert along our southern border, where apparently illegal alien Muslims have been crossing with Mexican illegal immigrants. We respond to this by tying the hands of the Border Patrol, making it increasingly difficult for them to protect our borders.