by Thomas Madison, from Three Percenter Nation

Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, directed their anger at a pair of new targets Wednesday night, as a mob of several hundred angry residents took to the streets once again. This time the objects of their rage were not only local law enforcement, but also President Obama and perpetual race-baiter, “Little Al” Sharpton, who has moved his commercial enterprise of hate and division to the battle front of Ferguson.

First-hand reporting of the remarks of enraged protesters made their way to Twitter Wednesday. Below are two from Andy Carvin and Anonymous.

“Obama, you have done nothing! We need you! You haven’t changed anything! Fuck y’all!” reported Carvin. A tweet from Anonymous described protesters as “pissed at Obama and Al Sharpton” who yelled “didn’t do shit for us” and “Fuck Sharpton.”

Tweets from Carvin and Anonymous: