This is sickening! According to Eric Holder, it is impossible for blacks to commit hate crimes against whites. Hate crimes can only be the extremely rare white-on-black crimes. Yet, reading this, it is clear that it is a black-on-white hate crime. One white man is in a coma, one suffered facial skull fractures, at the hands (and feet) of a black mob. The reason they were brutally beaten?…. being white.

Weems and McMilliamBy Jennifer Burke, TPNN

Al Sharpton has been leading the desire for vigilante justice in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death, still under investigation,  of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. The Obama regime has seemingly taken sides in the matter with Eric Holder relating to the community about his personal experiences as a black man while stating that they stand with the people of Ferguson. There have even been threats that if no charges are brought against Wilson, regardless of the evidence, that there will be more violence and more riots.

Now, it looks like we potentially have our first case of a vengeance based hate crime by individuals who targeted a white guy in the name of justice for Michael Brown.Former U.S. Marine Ralph Weems, a 32 year old white male, was left with life-threatening injuries after being followed by a mob of 20 black black men then beaten. Prior to the attack, Weems, who is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, entered the Waffle House in West Point, Mississippi. His friend, David Knighten, said that someone waved him over and told him the restaurant was not safe for whites because the black people inside were angry over the death of Michael Brown.

When Knighten entered, he witnessed a heated argument with people in the restaurant. The two left the premises after police arrived due to another argument around 1 am. Prior to heading home, they stopped at a Huddle House restaurant and that is where the vicious beating took place.

Twenty black men had followed Knighten and Weems from the Waffle House. While the police say surveillance cameras indicate there were fewer than that, it doesn’t change the fact that these two men were beaten for the sole crime of being white.

Knighten said that he heard racial slurs coming from the mob. The Blaze reports that the AP has since removed those comments, but it was done so without any explanation.

Knighten was apparently inside the restaurant because he said Weems was on the ground being kicked by multiple attackers. The crowd then turned on Knighten who was left with broken facial bones, a cut over his left eye and a blood clot in his right eye. It was a full hour before police arrived at the scene following a 911 call at 2 am. By then the vicious mob of attackers were gone.

Weems has been placed in a medically induced coma due to the severity of his injuries after undergoing brain surgery.

Given the circumstances surrounding this attack, one would think that it would be labeled a hate crime. After all, a group of upwards of 20 black men singled out two white men for no reason other than the fact that they were angry about the Michael Brown shooting and were going to seek justice any way the could. Weems and Knighten just so happen to be the ‘wrong color’ in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But, police have already said they do not believe this was a hate crime. Police Chief Tim Brinkley said that he will leave that for a jury to decide, but thus far hate crime charges have not been brought up.

One suspect, Courtez McMilliam, 32, has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The rest of the violent mob is still at large.

Will there be justice for Knighten and Weems? Weems fought for our country in not one, but two wars. He is hanging on to dear life due to an event that may have occurred due to the vigilante justice and desire to make someone pay brought on by the hate-filled rhetoric espoused and encouraged by MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama.

If history is repeated in charges brought up in this case, it is unlikely that hate crime charges will be brought against the savages who brutally attacked Knighten and Weems. Eric Holder, the attorney general who publicly identifies as a progressive activist, said before Congress in 2009 that the hate crime statute cannot be applied in relation to crimes of black people against white people.

To Holder, who was arrested while a student at Columbia University for his participation in the armed takeover of an ROTC office, it is not possible for a black person to commit a hate based crime against a white person. Only whites can commit hate crimes if they attack a black person. In fact, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a proven fact. As we can see in Ferguson, that allegation is being made against Officer Darren Wilson with no proof thus far and before an investigation is complete.

We have witnessed the selective application of the hate crime statute recently in this country. For months, there were countless news stories of young blacks attacking white people in the ‘Knockout Game.’ The elderly were attacked. Pregnant women were attacked. In each of these instances, the victims were white and the perpetrators were black. No hate crime charges were leveled.

Where we saw hate crime charges be leveled was in the rare case of one white male who participated in the Knockout game and attacked a black man. The white man was charged with a hate crime.

Are we to believe that we live in a post-racial society when there is selective application of the law based upon the color of ones’ skin? Black thugs have gotten away with countless acts of criminality in targeting white people without being charged with a hate crime which would come with even harsher penalties.

But, again, we have progressive, race baiting activists in both the White House and the Attorney General’s office.

As former Marine Ralph Weems lies in a hospital bed fighting for his life, there is no media coverage. There is no statement by Obama. There is no outrage by Sharpton. There is no comment from Holder that he stands with Weems.

Shame on them.