By Thomas Madison

Doug Zerby was wrongfully killed by the Long Beach Gestapo, I mean Police, three years ago. He was sitting on the stair landing of a freind’s home holding a spray nozzle, which one of the neighbors mistook for a gun and called the Gestapo, I mean police, who arrived unannounced, and without warning, unloaded a barrage on Zerby, killing him. I don’t know if the police chief in this video is lying or just wrong, but it was not possible for Zerby to be holding the spray nozzle in a threatening manner as he claims, arms raised and extended, aiming at the cops, which would have put his hands directly in front of his chest and would have been the first part of his body hit by the gunfire. Zerby’s hands and the spray nozzle he was holding were untouched by the gunfire. The police chief is unapologetic and believes his officers did the right thing. He should be fired and the trigger-happy officers involved should be prosecuted. Instead, the citizens of Long Beach get to pay $6.5 million dollars for the bravado and stupidity of the numbskulls whose salaries they are paying to stalk harmless citizens and kill them without warning….