Facebook has been deleting conservative groups and pages for years. Facebook has even deleted groups expressing support for George Zimmerman. However they usually only delete pages and groups with 1,000 or fewer users. Yesterday Facebook dramatically escalated efforts to purge conservative viewpoints from the social media website.

Facebook deleted the American White History Month page just as it was about to hit 75,000 users. Facebook deleted the extremely active page without warning.

At the same time one of the administrators of the page had celtic cross pictures deleted from his profile. Facebook sent him a warning saying the images constituted “hate speech or symbol.”

The administrators immediately set up a new page. Click here for the new American White History Month Facebook page. Over two thousand people subscribed to the new page within the first few hours.

Facebook has taken two big hits in the first half of 2013. It’s stock, now widely considered to be the biggest pump and dump in tech stock history, continued to fall. Google+ surged past twitter and others to become the second largest social media website. For the first time in years, Facebook has a serious competitor again.

In 2005 News Corp bought Myspace.com for $580 million. In 2011, they sold it to Tim Vanderhook and Justin Timberlake for $35 million. Facebook is now snubbing its users on a scale for larger than ever before. Facebook should be more worried about becoming the next Myspace disaster.

Facebook Censored