My blog has picked up a lot of patriotic readers over the past few months. I also post to my facebook page, which I link to various conservative blogs and facebook pages. For those of you who “like,” “share,” and “comment” on my posts that you find on facebook, you may be wondering why I don’t respond. It’s because I can’t.

I get many wonderful liberals who love to troll conservative sites (since there are no interesting liberal sites). A few are actually civil and will engage in respectful debate. I like those guys and gals. However, the majority of the liberal trolls are nasty, vile, and hateful, who only visit my site for the purpose of lashing into a tirade of cheap invective. I know what you are thinking,  all liberals are thoughtful and tolerant and would never do such a thing (sarcasm).

A few weeks ago one of those wonderful liberals thought it would be a good idea to sabotage my facebook page, so he or she complained to facebook, who, rather than conduct an investigation or offer me the opportunity to defend myself, simply took the liberal’s word for it and blocked me from many facebook functions, including “like,” “comment,” and “message.” It is supposed to be a temporary ban. Some have told me that means 30 days. We will see.


I guess the First Amendment has no place in facebookville. Whoever Herr Zuckerberg decides is worthy of free speech is the law. Do I sound bitter?

Anyway, I would like to thank you all for your support. Thomas Madison and Powdered Wig Society ( are grateful. I just wanted to explain the reason for my facebook silence. Happy Thanksgiving!