Muslim Brotherhood supporter, DHS “Senior Fellow,” and Obama

advisor (no, that is not a joke), Mohamed Elibiary has resigned his
position at DHS, ostensibly to remove the heat his boss, Barrack Hussein
Obama, is feeling for Elibiary’s lofty and sensitive position at DHS.

Among the more controversial remarks Elibiary has made during
his tenure in Washington are that The United States is a Muslim
country and the Islamic Caliphate is inevitable. This man has had
access to sensitive classified material, relating to homeland security,
for years.

Elibiary may be moving on but he is not moving out (of The United States).
He is taking his show on the road to Texas to “help ‘them’ form a new
Homeland Security Think Tank.” I’m not sure who “them” is but the
obvious presumption is that “them” are not necessarily friendly to the
American people.

One Texas tweeter’s reaction to the news that Elibiary is Texas-bound….