by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

For crying out loud, crying out quietly, or any other way you prefer to shed tears, this is horrendous! Donald Sterling did not use a single racial slur, he is obviously not a racist (he is dating a girl who is mixed black/hispanic), he didn’t even object to her associating with minorities as much as she wanted (as close a word as he came to uttering a racial slur was “minorities”). He would simply prefer that she not broadcast it all over the world via social media. Simply too much to ask, right? Why?

Let’s get this point out of the way from the beginning. I am pretty sure that it wasn’t the fact that the pictures she posted were with black people, but with rich, single, famous, black, male athletes. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE! Sterling was, I’m sure, too proud to admit that, but make no mistake about it, the difference between posing with rich, renowned playboy Magic Johnson and Condoleeza Rice (big sports fan) is obvious, and I’m sure pics with the likes of Condi would not raise a question from Mr. Sterling, nor elicit questionable emails and phone calls from fans and friends.

Donald Sterling is a public figure and has an image to consider, and if he finds it objectionable that his girlfriend is plastering her puss all over social media in tight shots with rich, famous athletes, black or otherwise, is his own business! He was incensed that his girlfriend immediately painted him as a racist when she suggested that if she was taking a pic with Larry Bird that he would not object. What stupidity! Suppose it were Joe Namath, who puts the make on every female he comes into contact with, from sports reporters to grocery store clerks? And this gold-digging hosebag splattered that all over the media? And did the same with every other womanizing male athlete she could find? Would that matter? Damn right it would matter!!!! I’m guessing that Donald must just be a Jets-hater and should probably be sent to prison for it.

His players (you know the ones he pays millions and millions of dollars to play a game they enjoy that has made them rich and famous) donned their game jerseys inside out in protest to their owner’s RACISM. If I had been the Donald (the other billionaire Donald) I would have forfeited the game on the spot. He has the power to do that. Then I would have taken the team of millionaire crybabies into the locker room and explained, in no uncertain terms, that they lost the game today due to their own stupidity and NOT playing for the organization, which includes, and starts with its owner. I would explain that the team attorney was busy in the adjoining room drafting a notice that any future displays of this nature would be cause for immediate dismissal from the team and suspension of all pay.

Sorry you are having to go through this, Donald. There is no coming out of it clean. There are just too many stupid people in the world. You are going to lose a likely nine figures over this before it is all finished, and probably several years of your life. This worthless excuse for a human being that you called a girlfriend recorded her conversation with you and then blasted that all over the world too?! I’m sure she made a few bucks on it. Flush the bitch NOW! Billionaire boyfriends, who will give a noxious tramp access to the beautiful life in return for being dissed in the most humiliating ways, are not easy to come by.