BREAKING: Desperate Dems Fear “All-But-Certain” Impeachment if GOP Takes Senate


From Conservative Tribune

Years ago, impeaching President Obama would’ve seemed like an impossibility, but with scandals andcorruption leaking out of every nook and cranny of the White House, the likelihood of accomplishing such a Herculean feat has dramatically increased.

Hot off the heels of a disastrous negotiation with terrorists, anIraqi crisis, and several congressional investigations into the VA scandalIRS targeting, and Benghazi cover up, the movement calling for Obama’s impeachment has gone mainstream.

House Republicans claim the votes are there to move forward on impeachment, and to further prove the seriousness of all the fervor, Speaker Boehner is set to file a lawsuit against the president.

All of this has liberal Democrats very, very nervous.

A recent email blast sent out by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee says that if Republicans win the Senate, impeachment is “all-but-certain.”

Here’s the DLCC email:

Washington Post: “President Obama will be impeached”
Add Your Name: Stop the Tea Party impeachment

Just days after Republicans in Congress claimed they “probably” have the votes to impeach President Obama in the House, theWashington Post reports that impeachment is “all-but-certain” if Republicans win this fall’s elections.

The ONLY reason Republicans are pursuing impeachment is because they don’t like that President Obama defeated them in the last election. We CANNOT let this stand.

We need you to speak out now to stop the Tea Party’s impeachment agenda – please add your name today!

A growing list of top Republicans are lining up to support impeachment, and some right-wing legislators are already taking steps to make it a reality.

Tea Partiers in Congress are giving speeches calling impeachment “a dream come true,” and the official Republican Party Convention in South Dakota actually PASSED a resolution demanding that the President be thrown out of office!

This has already gone way too far: Speak out now to STOP the Tea Party impeachment!


Kevin Boyd
Regional Strategist
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

This is good news. Liberals should absolutely be terrified of the possibility thatObama could be given a pink slip. If he falls, so does their agenda. The removal of the president spells the end of their attempts to “fundamentally transform America,” and buys some time for America to start down the path to recovery.

Americans must continue to bombard their representatives and demand they stay the course and make sure the president is brought to justice.

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