Powdered Wig Society

by Thomas Madison


Remember George Zimmerman and how his words “This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black,” were dissected by NBC from his phone conversation with the police dispatcher to make Zimmerman look like a racist murderer? Well, here we go again.

This time it is the New York Times, entertaining their 17 readers with remarks Bundy made concerning liberty, tyranny, and race in America. So he doesn’t have a professional PR handler. So a sewer-dwelling liberal rag capitalizes on his unfortunate remark to gain its eighteenth reader and another nickel in the advertising coffers. So now every politically-correct, brain-dead liberal is shouting from the street corners, “See, I told you Bundy is a racist creep.” So now Clive’s discussion of tyranny in America, and how ALL Americans, of every race, are the unfortunate victims of that tyranny, has been twisted to make Clive Bundy look like David Duke. So goes the poor excuse that passes for mainstream journalism in America today. Those of us with a brain cell left must shake our heads and move on. We knew what you meant, Clive. You are NOT a racist! However….

Note to Clive: Never mention “picking cotton” in any discussion involving race. You will immediately and forevermore be labeled a racist by the moronic media. It doesn’t matter that blacks picking cotton is an historical fact and as accurate as stating that blacks are generally great athletes. What matters is the nickel the New York Times and its fellow cesspoolmates in contemporary American  journalism can squeeze out of Clive Bundy’s hide.

From the Bundy Ranch facebook page this morning, April 25,2014:

“What I saw today.

Today I saw a man, a simple rancher, try his hardest to tell the world that we are all being abused by our government. I also saw the sound bite sharks swarming the waters of the Bundy ranch, waiting with baited breath for a man who struggled to come up with the word “vocabulary” to say something they could use to make him look bad. I think it is very sad that we have come to a point in our society where a man is required to be well spoken, highly educated, strictly politically correct and have prepared all of his messaging and sound bites to perfectly mesh with the medias expectations or he cannot get a fair shake.

I have not known Cliven for that long, but long enough to tell you he is definitely not racist. He is simply an old rancher. He has tremendous love in his heart and all he was trying to do was express the sadness that he feels for his fellow man. It is unfortunate that today we are so quick to snatch a few soundbites and use them to condemn a man so quickly. Even in this group “Support Cliven Bundy” I am seeing messages from people who are more influenced by the soundbite mafia than their own thought processes.

At the end of the day this whole issue is so much larger than Cliven or his ability to carry our banner for us. This is about our freedoms much more than it is Cliven or his cows. We need to wake up to the fact that all of us are being slowly, one regulation at a time, put into slavery to our government. So it is about time we picked up that banner and stopped making Cliven carry it for us.”
– @Shannon Bushman’s


I have never agreed with the Black Panthers on ANYTHING before, but I agree with this!