molon labe

by Prepper,

Things may be changing slightly in Chicago despite the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanueland other city politicians doing everything within their power to prevent the good people of Chicago from defending themselves. In the midst of the 82 people shot over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago, there was one glimmer of hope. A soldier who apparently somehow obtained a valid concealed carry permit in Chicago, took cover, returned fire and protected himself and his friends.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A Chicago area neighborhood turned into a war zone Friday night when three thugs opened fire. A concealed carrier and United States soldier drew a handgun, took cover and returned fire to protect his friends.

What?!? I guess times really are changing in America’s most dangerous city (and the one with the most gun control, but who’s keeping track, right?).

The soldier and three of his friends were leaving a get together Friday night (July 4th) when one of the women in the group noticed a cup filled with alcohol on top of her car. There was a party going on in the house next door so the woman asked some of the people at that party who the cup belonged to. No one answered so the woman removed the cup. That’s when Denzel A. Mickiel approached the group shouting obscenities and threatening the small group of friends.

Mickiel briefly went back into the residence before returning with a gun in his hand and started shooting at the group of friends and their vehicles. Two other party-going thugs drew guns and started shooting as well, because that’s what you do, right?.

The soldier grabbed his gun and took cover behind the front fender, putting the engine block between him and the shooters. He fired two rounds, striking Mickiel both times.

That gave the group of friends a brief respite to jump into their vehicles and escape the attack while the two other shooters ran out into the street and fired wildly at the escaping vehicles.

During the initial barrage of bullets, Mickiel struck one of the women in the group in the back and in the arm. She was stabilized and treated at a local hospital.

When police arrived, Mickiel arrested and transported to Advocate ChristMedical Center in critical condition. He remains hospitalized and has not appeared in court but is being held on $950,000 bail on charges of attempted murder.

Sounds like a few thugs got more than they bargained for. Any chance this is one of those good guy with a gun stories that Moms Demand Action says never happens?