sraelis holding pictures of their loved ones, killed by Palestinians, protest against the release of 104 prisoners.

On Monday, the Times of Israel reported that leaflets found on parked cars in a Chicago neighborhood threaten violence againstJews if Israel does not pull out of Gaza and cease its operations there.

According to the Times, leaflets were found on six cars in the Pulaski Park neighborhood, specifically in the 6300 block of North Monticello Avenue, Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada said. The leaflets, Estrada added, were found on the windshields of the cars.

NBC Chicago said the incident took place one day before hundreds staged a protest in front of the Tribune Tower, demanding an end to Israel’s actions in Gaza. After the “die-in,” protesters marched to the Israeli consulate.

“Almost 400 homes have been destroyed, thousands displaced,” said Hatem Abudayyeh of the U.S. Palestine Community Network. “This is not a war against Palestine, it is a war on Palestine.”

Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Janel Sedevic told NBC the incident is being investigated by the Chicago Police Department’s Hate Crimes unit. It is unknown if the leaflets are connected to the protest or the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine, the organization that held Sunday’s protest.

According to the Israeli Army, thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed overnight Sunday in Gaza. Seven were killed after an armored troop carrier was hit by a shoulder-launched anti-tank missile in the neighborhood of Shejaia. Six others were killed in fighting that followed.

Debbie Schlussel said the incident is just more proof that Muslims the world over are specifically targeting Jews for violence, even though Jews are not attacking mosques.

“Muslims are going to Jewish prayer houses in France to murder Jews with police unable to stop them. Jews aren’t attacking mosques. Muslims are attacking Jews at protests in Los Angeles and Boston (and threatening violence against them in Germany and London), NOT the other way around,” she wrote. “And Muslims are–you can bet your bottom dollar on this–threatening Jews with violence in Chicago.”

Schlussel also warned that Jews are not the only targets. As we reported in June 2012, Christians in Dearborn, Michigan, were violently attacked and stoned by a mob of Muslims during that year’s Arab Festival as police stood by and watched.

“You’re a target, too,” Schlussel said. “What are you gonna do about it?”