By Thomas Madison
October 4, 2013

This has been bothering me something awful since it happened.

Many career parasites, I mean members of Congress, heaped praise upon the Capitol police yesterday for executing a woman simply for trying to get away. They could have blocked her exit with the multitude of police squad cars present at the scene. They could have disabled her vehicle. They could have stopped her and apprehended her any number of ways. Instead, they executed her, and were praised by our career parasites, I mean legislators, for a job well done. Ted Cruz was one of those legislators, whose esteem, in my eyes, dropped a notch or two yesterday as he strutted to the podium, chest puffed out, to praise the brave heroes who executed an innocent woman.

Was this dangerous perpetrator COMPLETELY innocent? No! She was guilty of running into security bollards on the sidewalk. Some believe that it was accidental. Maybe, maybe not. SHE WAS UNARMED! Then, when police tried to stop her, she fled, which is now justification for on-the-spot arrest, trial, verdict, sentencing, and execution. Why go to all the trouble of dealing with our court system when the jackboots can take care of bidness here and now?

Don’t look now, folks, but the police state we have been fearing, that our Founding Fathers warned us about, is here. The Beast is alive and well and hungry for blood. It has complete authority to do whatever it wants, including executing anyone it wants for any reason it wants, and claiming security as the reason, which is always the excuse for robbing us of our liberty (or in this case, LIFE!). Our soldiers, walking amongst the likes of Al Qaeda, have “rules of engagement,” which are strictly enforced. If they had executed an unarmed Afghan woman in the manner the Capitol police did yesterday, they would be spending the rest of their lives in prison, and our lamestream media would be all over the story, decrying the brutality of our baby-killer armed forces. Yet, yesterday, they were all about praising the heroes in our capital who took out this evil menace, while our career parasites, I mean senators and representatives, were hiding under their desks, for fear that this mentally ill dental hygienist might make her way into the Capitol and clean their teeth or something.

If we don’t speak out against this it is going to get much worse. Even if we speak out against this it may get much worse. Many people consider Alex Jones a fringe kook. Not so. He is on top of what is happening in our nation and he sees very clearly. I am glad I ran across this video. I agree with him 100%! Speak out, folks! Speak out!