It Is Beyond Lamentable That Clark County Has A Sheriff Who Will Not Keep His Oath Of Office.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 21:11

From Before It’s News

by Guerilla Girl Ashley 

In an exclusive interview today, Sheriff Mack released a letter to Guerrilla Media Network, blasting Clark County Nevada Sheriff Gillespie for refusing to uphold his oath of office in regards to the extremely intense showdown that is brewing between Clark County Rancher Cliven Bundy, and the unconstitutional Bureau Of Land Management. Sheriff Mack has stated on the record that Sheriff Gillespie could put an end to this possible Waco/ Ruby Ridge scenario if Clark County Sheriff Gillespie would just uphold his oath to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Exclusive: Sheriff Mack Fires Warning Shot To Nevada Clark County Sheriff: It Is Beyond Lamentable That Clark County Has A Sheriff Who Will Not Keep His Oath Of Office.

Subject: RE: Nevada Rancher vs EPA and BLM

It is beyond lamentable that Clark County has a sheriff who will not keep his oath of office. To allow

a Clark County citizen’s rights to be destroyed and his family’s livelihood and their “pursuit of happiness”

trampled upon by those in power, and to sit back and watch or even worse, support such abuse, is

precisely the opposite of what a true sheriff would do. To pretend to the public that we will protect your

property and businesses from street gangs and criminals, but the thugs of Washington can steal and destroy all they want to, makes very little sense! Does that make the citizens of Las Vegas feel safer?

I pray for the day when local public “servants” will put liberty and American ideals first and not allow the dictates and policies of DC bureaucracies to supersede the Constitution!

There is absolutely no question that the “leaders” of Clark County could have stopped this farce and abuse from ever happening to Cliven Bundy and his family. It’s high time to elect a sheriff in Clark County who will protect the people “from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” A solid rule to follow in this year’s sheriff election; whoever Sheriff Gillespie endorses, vote for anybody else!