Yesterday, House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa let known the subpoena order of White House counsel Jennifer O”Connor. The subpoena comes after an earlier invite to testify was refused by the White House, thus creating a potential  legal battle between Congressional authority, and White House Executive Privilege not seen since the days of Richard Nixon and the Watergate era should the White House refuse the subpoena order for O’Connor’s testimony.

Before being placed inside the Obama White House, O’Connor was legal counsel to then acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel.

That makes the timing of her promotion as White House legal counsel rather interesting, allowing her to be enveloped into the protective custody of President Obama’s already often used “Executive Privilege” mandate that could be used to keep her from telling Congress what she knows while under oath.

As of this evening, it is still unknown whether or not the White House intends to comply with the subpoena and allow O’Connor to testify tomorrow. If O’Connor does in fact refuse participation in the now ordered hearing, an already looming Constitutional crisis may present itself very soon…