From America’s Freedom Fighters


This is an email operation mutual aid put out:
this is via Operation Mutual Aid:

We have made the decision to mobilize to Nevada, units are underway as I type this.

The feds arrested some protestors today, and the words “we need you now” were uttered.

I ask EVERYONE to keep my number very near,***-***-**73, if you are pulled over by “law” enforcement, call me BEFORE pulling over if at all possible so I can keep track of such things and do what I am able from here to correct the situation.

At this time we have approximately 150 responding, but that number is growing by the hour.

Here are directions and coordinates for the ranch.

I-15 exit 112 go 3 miles. As you crops the Virgin River turn right go 2 miles. Turn right at Bundy Melons sign. 2 miles to Ranch.

36* 42-59.43n

114* 14-17.68w

May God grant each and every one of you safety, wisdom, and foresight, and courage to accomplish the mission we have strived toward for so long to bring to fruition.

All men are mortal, most pass simply because it is their time, a few however are blessed with the opportunity to chose their time in performance of duty.