From America’s Freedom Fighters

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi made a wrong turn and ended up in a Mexican prison. Mean while Obama has opened our borders for millions of illegal aliens and we are paying to house them, feed them, clothe them and are allowing them to bring meth and heroin as well as whatever else they want. They are bringing diseases with them also-but that’s a whole different story! 

Reporters Patrick Henningsen and Pete Santilli met up with 3 patriots approximately 100 miles  outside of Las Cruces, Mexico  and they filed this important update.

When Barack Obama freed defector Bowe Bergdahl, he stated that the USA “…never leaves one of the own behind”. That was approximately day 63 of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s incarceration in a Mexico prison. The USA has not demanded the release of Tahmooressi, and patriotic Americans are rightfully upset.

John Harrington, the president and founder of Shield Tactical waved down Pete Santilli & the GMN crew to talk about the plan patriots are executing to demand that Tahmooressi is immediately released. He has put out an all-call for every available American to go to the Southern California border & meet up to demand that the US Government and the Mexican government immediately release this honorable U.S. Marine.

video courtesy of GMN Telemedia