Impeachment Demands Explode After Benghazi Truth Finally Revealed


From Capitalism Institute

This past week, we received confirmation from some previously classified emails that were forcibly released to the public through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that the entire Obama White House communications teamwas in on the false narrative created in the wake of Benghazi.

The emails between top White House communications staffers, including Ben Rhodes and Jay Carney, detailed how they would brief UN Ambassador Susan Rice for her Sunday television appearances.

The emails stated that the main objective of Rice’s appearances were to show that the attacks were the result of spontaneous protests, not, as they put it a “broader failure of policy.”

As you recall, the Obama administration lied for weeks about Benghazi, saying that it was the result of spontaneous protests over an anti-Muslim video that was released on YouTube.

This was all crafted to hide the fact that Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack, and Al Qaeda was not “on the run,” as Obama said it was.

In the months leading up to the election, this narrative was absolutely crucial for the President to sustain.

When called out on this, the Obama administration blamed the CIA, saying that they were the ones that told administration officials that Benghazi was the result of the protest, and provided the talking points to Rice on that piece of intelligence.

But as former deputy CIA director Michael Morrell testified in a congressional hearing, the CIA never told Susan Rice to say what she did regarding the attack.  He testified that Rice acted on her own in claiming that Benghazi was the result of the “video” protest.

Amazingly, in yesterday’s White House press conference, Jay Carney responded to this by claiming that the White House talking points in the email were different than the ones the CIA provided specifically on Benghazi.

The White House emails were supposedly just a briefing on the “overall climate in the Muslim world,” despite the fact that the FOIA lawsuit was targeted only at documents related to Benghazi, nothing else.

The White House is obviously lying, and their massive web of lies is coming apart as members of Congress and others demand those responsible to be held accountable.

Support for a special investigation on the matter is exploding right now, especially among those in Congress.  Ted Cruz is among those calling for a special committee on Benghazi.

A prominent Republican senator just indicated that if his party takes the Senate,they will pursue impeachment of Obama.

Allen West is all for it, saying that impeachment should absolutely be “on the table”for the administration’s criminal negligence during the attack and subsequent cover-up.

Congressional reports have blamed the attack on the White House and said that the deaths were indeed preventable.  Furthermore, a majority of Americans also believe that Obama “deliberately misled” the country on the attack.

The question is: What are we waiting for?  Impeach Obama IMMEDIATELY for his continuous lies and cover-up of the truth behind Benghazi.