by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

It is appalling that this horror has been allowed to go unanswered for nearly two years. As the details that were all but proven for the past 20 months become verified, it still remains to be clear exactly why those events transpired as they did.

Among the more plausible theories I have heard is that the entire tragedy was a botched kidnapping, a conspiracy gone bad between Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, and our White House, who conspired to kidnap Ambassador Stevens, who would then be exchanged for the Blind Sheik, making Obama a hero for saving the life of our ambassador, while presenting a gift to the Muslim Brotherhood that they have been eager for since his imprisonment in the United States. Obama couldn’t just pardon the Sheik without serious repercussions, but he could be a real hero and exchange him for our Libyan ambassador. When Ty Woods and Glen Doherty disobeyed their orders to stand down and joined the fight to save Ambassador Stevens and the others, the terrorists thought they had been double-crossed, so they murdered and mutilated the ambassador and a full-blown firefight was underway, two against hundreds.

The kidnapping scenario answers a lot of questions that otherwise have no good answers. Why was the ambassador’s request for additional security ignored? Why was he stripped of the security that he had in the days before the attack? Why were American rescue forces told to stand down? Why was the only help that did come (Woods and Doherty) also told to stand down but ignored their orders?

You might wonder why the attackers killed Stevens if they were supposed to kidnap him. This was supposed to be an easy grab with no resistance, so when the defenders fought back, the attackers suspected they were betrayed by the White House (read Obama) and in anger killed Stevens.

This is just one of the more plausible theories I have heard and it apparently comes from credible sources inside Egypt. Just the thought that a sitting president would participate in such a criminal act is sickening.