Democrats Curb-stomp Disabled Veterans

OCTOBER 3, 2013 BY 

Man Flag Dog Democrats curb stomp disabled veterans

Dear patriot,

There is no other way to put it. Democrats are curb-stomping veterans.

My father served in World War II and fought the Nazis.

He was cared for by the Veterans Administration until he passed away.

That is why I am beyond outraged at the Democrats’ vote last night to cut off funding for veterans care during a government shutdown.

I was here during the 1995 shutdown. Clinton worked with us to pass and sign a bill keeping VA claims funded.

Obama? He publicly announced he would veto funding to process VA claims, and Nancy Pelosi ordered Democrats to cut off the funds.

Tueday night, Democrats carried out Obama’s order, killing a bill to keep processing VA claims.

That is sick.

Even worse, the World War II Memorial in D.C. was ordered barricaded. And anyone who tries to visit it will be arrested, even though it is unstaffed and open 24 hours a day (even during holidays and government shutdowns.)

Park rangers confirm that this order came directly from the Office of Management and Budget, an Obama-run office inside the White House.

Obama set up this confrontation and even had Park Police warn that wheelchair-bound 90-year-old vets may be arrested for seeing it before they die because he hoped the mainstream media would blame Republicans.

What kind of person intentionally attacks disabled heroes because he’s certain his allies in the media will falsely blame his opponents?

Barack Obama and the Democrats intentionally set up this government shutdown by refusing to pass a budget and then blocking continuing resolutions.

We know see why.  Obama and Democrats are curb-stomping veterans because they believe their allies in the mainstream media will falsely blame it on Republicans, even though orders to kill funding and close war memorials come on the letterhead of Democrat leaders and the White House.