Obama Throws Tantrum, Sows Seeds of Discontent

By  on August 8, 2013


It is a sign of the twisted times that we have the misfortune of living in. It is a symptom of the advanced state of moral and social decay that in America today that celebrities are afforded the reverent status that they are. Take for instance our clowns, specifically the liberal clowns.  Silly comedians the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher provide a mixture of jokes, shtick, political mockery and real news mixed with interviews and enjoy an astounding degree of popularity. That these court jesters are taken with any degree of seriousness is a clear example of not only how poorly that the mainstream media has served its purpose but also of the depravity of the American soul during this ongoing downtrend. Now there is El Presidente Barack H. Obamashowing up on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week. So much for the dignity of the office.

Obama took to the air to schmooze with Leno and to dispense his political lies and disinformation on a number of topics. One of course being of Russia’s refusal to turn over NSA contractor Booz Allen leaker Edward Snowden for torture and a show trial. Obama and dirty Eric Holder, still pissy over Friday’s embarrassing smackdown by the bear accused Russia of having a “Cold War mentality” for not immediately rolling over and conceding to his majesty’s requests. In the new American century it is intolerable for any country to not acquiesce to the wishes of the U.S. empire, for the smaller ones there are threats of withholding of economic support, non- inclusion in global trade agreements, support of that regime’s political opponents and when all else fails, send in the drones. With Russia, still an extremely powerful nation with a military and nukes of it’s own it is a special type of retaliation that is merited. The U.S. President debases the office he holds, shows up on a celebrity clown show, mocks Putin and the next day in a proclamation that is promulgated by state media Obama throws a tantrum and cancels his September Summit with the Russian leader. Now there’s some stellar leadership, the type that is befitting of a kindergarten sandbox.

Someone get that man a pacifier.

Obama’s snit over Russia only further cements the image of the U.S. of A as the global spoiled brat that it has become after years of abysmal leadership. The pope of hope can stamp his feet all that he wants and here in Der Homeland it will be eaten up by most lemmings as well as his legions of adoring, low-information zombies but once again the country is exposed on the world stage as exactly what it has become which is a petulant, immature, self-absorbed, hypocritical bully led by a pathological narcissist. We are no longer held in high esteem by those outside of our borders where the electronic narcosis of television used to keep the population distracted, placid and stupid. There was a time when our democratic form of government, civilized and moral society and advanced sciences were the envy of the world but that era recedes into the past quicker than revisionist history is able to keep its image alive through lies, trickery and propaganda. Thanks to a succession of amoral cheats and cheap hustlers, of which Obama is only the latest we have become the new evil empire and continue to expand our global footprint of degeneracy and blight.

While on Leno, in addition to talking about his “bromance” with John McCain (retch) Obama also used the opportunity to blatantly lie about his NSA surveillance machine.

“We don’t have a domestic spying program…What we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat.”

While I seriously doubt that the man has more than an inkling of the true nature of this growing menace that will soon consume all privacy except as Orwell put it his prophetic 1984 “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull” he is a useful idiot. Most of it is above Obama’s paygrade, he will be gone long before the final phase of the eradication of the Constitution will occur. He is a malleable fool, a dunce and an amiable, smiling front man for the empire. He serves his purpose for the time and by showing up on Leno’s show he is selling the sizzle while obscuring that the steak is made of horsemeat.

As for the terrifying Al Qaeda, risen like a phoenix from the ashes to which Obama himself not so long ago relegated it the propaganda just gets more ridiculous by the day. I heard some yutz on the Chris Matthews show the other night (it may have been Washington adjunct Richard Engle spreading the absurd tale that devious Al-Qaeda was planning to attack targets by carrying surgically implanted bombs that are able to evade detection. Hey, I saw the Dark Knight too where the Joker was able to sucessfully pull this off and blow up the Gotham City Police Department but come on now, when does this stuff just become so over the top that it is rejected outright as the horseshit that it is?  Now with the wonderful idea that this is actually a threat it will allow an already run amok TSA to unleash the government goon squad on those who appear to have medical issues, humiliating them in public and seizing them for strip searches. A massive big government agency already comprised of thugs, miscreants, wanna-be-cops, perverts and control freaks is about to get even more aggressive. Nice country isn’t it.

And all of this recent hullabaloo is because one man was able to break free from the systems of control and reveal top secret rogue government information about widespread unconstitutional spying. The subsequent self- immolation of the Obama administration’s competence and the tearing down of their star spangled facade of lies that covered their tyranny was just too much to take.

So the vainglorious ass that is the sitting U.S. Emperor is now taking his case directly to the sheeple, first there was Leno, what’s next Obama? Jersey Shore? A sit down with Honey Boo Boo? There is no level to which he won’t descend when it comes to selling out his country for chump change.