By Thomas Madison

Bashar al-Assad has been a secular leader, not only allowing, but encouraging Muslims, Christians, and Jews to peacefully co-exist in Syria.

The claim that Assad was the perpetrator of chemical weapons against his own people has been largely refuted, the blame for the chemical attack being given to the Syrian rebels, many of whom are now members of ISIS.


From Michael Dorstewitz, Liberty Unyielding

NBC senior foreign correspondent Richard Engel told “Meet the Press” guest host Andrea Mitchell that President Barack Obama’s indecisiveness has created a “clear and present danger,” according to military officials. As a result, the United States may be forced into fighting for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

This is the same Assad whose regime employed chemical weapons against its own people. And this is the same Assad against whom the president drew his “red line,” warning Syria against using chemical weapons.

The red line turned out to be more pink. It was all a bluff.

Engel told Mitchell that “military commanders” and “former officials” are “apoplectic” over the president’s indecisiveness. Obama’s inaction may now force him into switching sides in Syria, now that ISIS and other Islamic extremists are replacing the more moderate, secular Free Syrian Army rebels.

Ryan Crocker, former U.S. ambassador to Syria and Iraq, said stopping ISIS has become a matter of urgency for our own national security.

“If we think that we’re not in their sights, we’re delusional,” he said. “This is not ‘mission creep,’ this is establishing a vital mission for American security, and we need to do it–we need to do it yesterday.”

Engel wrapped it all up by telling Mitchell none of this should have come as a surprise.

“The build-up of ISIS in Iraq and Syria was incredibly predictable,” Engel concluded to Mitchell. “We reported about it. Reporters risked their lives going into Syria.” He added, unnecessarily, “Now we have a very serious situation.”