By Thomas Madison, September 29, 2013

There is a movement underway in Arizona to recall both of its US Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake. Grounds for recall are cited as violating the public trust and will in regard to illegal immigration. McCain, in particular, campaigned on securing our borders and completing the border fence, which he has since reneged on. Likewise, Flake. Both McCain and Flake are members of the Gang of Eight immigration reform committee, a group of four Democrat senators and four Republican senators. Following are the members of the Gang of Eight….

It is pretty clear that the RINO Republican membership of the “gang” was designed to defeat any attempt at REAL immigration reform, and the citizens of Arizona are not going to sit still for it. Good for them!

I believe John McCain has an even more egregious, more sinister piece of business in his recent background. He has shamelessly supported the rebels in Syria, calling the Free Syrian Army a moderate group. You know, the kind of moderates who behead women and children. These are McCain’s “friendj” (using McCain’s goofy speech impediment)….


I am proud of the citizens of Arizona. I hope they get double the signatures they need for both recalls, and I hope the recall is successful. Enough of these career parasites! Link to the recall website….