Syria: Al Qaeda Announces they Will Create Islamic Govt.; Recruiting Other Terrorist Groups Underway

From American Patriot
Posted by: September 26, 2013

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Who didn’t see this coming? The Washington Times reported today that “Eleven Syrian rebel groups, including a powerful al Qaeda affiliate, have rejected the Western-backed opposition coalition, calling for a new Syria under Islamic law.”

Now that is a surprising development!. Who could have predicted our Al Qaeda allies really wanted an Islamic state in Syria?  Why,  John  McCain assured us all that they are moderates, he knows each and every one of them and he gave us his word.

Of course, the only real surprise would be that anyone could actually be surprised. They aren’t. McCain knows who he’s dealing with. That doesn’t matter. He’s got snake oil to sell and it’s his job to make us all buyers.

The recent history in the region is contrary to any interest in the American version of democratic self government. But, if you give them a new improved tyrant to replace that old “tyrannical” tyrant, now you’re talking.

So, that’s where we are headed. The “rebels” are calling upon other militants to unite with them to bring down Assad under a “clear Islamic framework.” That sounds like a great idea. We’ll replace a stable government that hates us and sponsors terror with an unstable one that hates us and sponsors terror. We can model it after our many other success stories, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt.

They real question is why are we in there doing what we are doing in the first place? The people running American interventionist policies aren’t stupid. They are intelligent, experienced, motivated and have access to a great deal of information that the average citizen does not. So if lay persons like me can recognize the futility of these campaigns in bringing stability to the region, we can be confident they do as well. Maybe stability is not what they want.

Could it be that our imperial masters in the United States government want more slaves, more territory and more power? They claim they are acting in our national interests.

How do we define national interest, their favored euphemism for their own, self-interest? One way is to create a fuel shortage by shutting off our own domestic production. That would create a real although unnecessary dependency on other nations, creating the situation where we are directly affected by what happens in that region. That makes their problems our problems. So now, protecting the investments of oil companies and other mega corporations is also in our own distorted and contrived “national interest.” From their perspective, it’s a beautiful plan, funded by the American taxpayers.

But why not install dictatorships, or simply leave the ones we control in place?  The dictator route is a much less volatile road to travel.  Islamic states haven’t been the best behaved of puppets. Sometimes those crazy slaves misbehave and decide they don’t want to be controlled by foreigners. Shouldn’t we try to avoid that?

Then there is that wild crazy notion that the U.S. Government wants to enable and is in fact a sponsor of the worldwide march towards Islamic rule under their world government, “New World Order” model. That’s bizarre sounding, if we are to believe their words, that they are the ones who have declared war on the “evil Arabs” who attacked us.

As Americans, we tend to think in terms of government as being secular, that’s what we are familiar with. Others in other parts of the world, have different views. To control a population, a government and a nation that is loyal to a fanaticism or to a national religion and compliant to the dictates of their religious leadership would be ideal.

The Soviets tried it in reverse, but it never quite caught on, because they were in effect worshiping the State, which was their religion. With radical Islam, the religion is the government. So to speak against the government is blasphemy that brings punishment in this life as well as in the afterlife. It’s brilliant, the state and the national religion support and enforce each other. Create a slave nation where fanaticism is idealized and self sacrifice is the national pastime, and you’ve got a winner.

Our success in using overwhelming force to establish Islamic rule is going to be our undoing. The Hussein Obama regime is deliberately destabilizing the Middle East. This plan has been in the works for a long time, as General Wesley Clark described in 2007 in his speech regarding the “foreign policy coup.”

Those in power have their own agenda. It is not for public disclosure or consumption. If they feel we need an explanation, they’ll make up a story for us, say, maybe something about rioting over a YouTube video. That’s something the ignorant public will go along with.

We are simply playing with fire. There will be no thank you, there will be no recognition or acts of appreciation for our efforts on the behalf of those whom we help to undermine other nations. Once our government has finished installing their governments of choice around the globe, they will move to tyranny here at home.

We will be used by the snake for as long as the snake needs us. Then the serpent will turn on us. It is the nature of the beast.