Obama Lies Again: “There is No Spying on Americans”

Obama continues to lie over and over about domestic spying on US citizens. Even though almost everyone knows that the NSA is spying on nearly all of the Internet, financial, and phone activity, the president refuses to admit that it’s happening at all… even while he’s trying to imprison the whistleblower.

Speaking with Jay Leno, Obama explicitly lied, “There is no spying on Americans.” After this, his administration defended this blatant lie at least twice, continuing to claim that domestic spying doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, the Wall-Street Journal has come out with a new report showing that75% of the Internet’s activity by US citizens is being spied on. Even the NSA admits that 65,000 emails were stolen from US citizens who had no link to terrorism at all. Obama lied — just like he always does.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The National Security Agency—which possesses only limited legal authority to spy on U.S. citizens—has built a surveillance network that covers more Americans’ Internet communications than officials have publicly disclosed, current and former officials say.

The system has the capacity to reach roughly 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic in the hunt for foreign intelligence, including a wide array of communications by foreigners and Americans. In some cases, it retains the written content of emails sent between citizens within the U.S. and also filters domestic phone calls made with Internet technology, these people say.

The NSA’s filtering, carried out with telecom companies, is designed to look for communications that either originate or end abroad, or are entirely foreign but happen to be passing through the U.S. But officials say the system’s broad reach makes it more likely that purely domestic communications will be incidentally intercepted and collected in the hunt for foreign ones.

In fact, a “secret court” rebuked the NSA for “major compliance problems”, meaning that even the NSA’s secret spying was a violation of the “secret” rules for the spying. From FoxNews.com:

The National Security Agency was rebuked by a secret court in 2011 for collecting thousands of emails and other online details from Americans, according to court opinions which were declassified for the first time on Wednesday.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence took the unusual step of declassifying more than 100 pages of documents, amid the escalating public debate about government surveillance programs. The release comes several days after a report showed that the NSA had violated privacy rules and overstepped its authority thousands of times.

Some of those incidents were minor, but the documents released Wednesday detail major compliance problems.

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Does Obama lie? Yes. Does the NSA spy? Yes. Is this a violation of basic constitutional rights? Yes. Is this an impeachable offense? Yes. Will congress do anything? Probably not.

That’s why it’s important for us to keep spreading the word — most people aren’t even aware of what’s happening, meaning we have to keep the message viral if we want people to remember during the elections. Please spread the word.