Time To Talk Serious Solutions

BY Allan Erickson

Rand Paul SC Time to Talk Serious Solutions

Given the convergence of events, it appears we have few windows of opportunity left to turn our country around.  The good news is that we have those opportunities.  If we do not take advantage of them, shame on us.  All who gave their lives for this country are watching, waiting, and praying.


The Obama administration is self-destructing.  Even if he manages to ‘serve’ out his term, his government is a complete failure, capable only of more destruction.  Conservatives therefore must do everything possible to stop the bleeding and limit the damage.  The strategy is full containment.  The tactics: complete opposition, working to immobilize Obama at every turn.

Meanwhile, Americans who understand the genius of the Founders, knowing the future of the country depends on a return to first principles, must organize, unify, and activate daily engagement, talking serious solutions and finding ways to implement them through upcoming elections at all levels of government.

Here are some of the best solutions being presented today in my opinion:

LEADERSHIP  Without strong, morality-driven leadership, nothing will be accomplished.  Conservatives cannot shy away from the social issues.  Taking a strong stand for marriage, family, and children is essential.  Standing opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage is crucial.  If immorality reigns, society dies.  Our banner should echo the challenge laid down by Frederick Douglass in 1852:  “Righteousness exalts a nation.  Sin is a reproach to any nation.”  From my point of view, if a candidate doesn’t have the guts to be pro-life, he doesn’t have guts and is therefore disqualified.  Morality should direct our politics and governance, not the other way around.

EDUCATION  Americans today are largely ignorant concerning the founding principles that have served us so well.  Informing them along these lines is a huge challenge, a necessary endeavor if we are to restore our country.

ECONOMY  Unless we have expanding opportunity and economic growth provided by economic freedom, we have little else.  The right of the people to own private property is foundational to liberty.  Economic revitalization is not complicated.  Government must be brought to heel according to the consent of the governed.  Reduce regulation.  Lower taxes.  Provide support to enhance productivity.  Free the entrepreneurial spirit.  Rebuild manufacturing.  Get rid of debt.  Free up investment capital to support creative endeavors that are firmly based on good business decisions.  Let the market work.  Dismantle crushing bureaucracies.  A strong economy lifts people out of poverty and is the greatest national security issue we confront.  Without a strong economy, we have a weakened military.

REFORM  Immediate reform measures we should push at the federal level:

Cut government drastically.  Unless we cut spending, balance the budget, and get out of debt, we’re dead.  No Czars.  Demand a balanced budget amendment.  Refuse to raise the debt ceiling. Immediate across-the-board real cuts in federal spending, shared equally; everybody shoulders the wheel.  We are talking about survival here, people.   Milton Friedman’s economics make sense.  He proposed cutting most cabinet-level departments:  Education, Commerce, Energy, Agriculture, half of Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Interior (and return 90% of federally-owned land to the People and the states), Labor, Transportation.

John Ransom, of townhall.com, offers these wise recommendations for reform.  These should be front and center:

1) Impose term limits on Congress.

2) Enact a single-subject rule in Congress to prevent pork barrel spending from being inserted into bills, say, on disaster relief.

3) Limit all legislation to 100 pages.

4) Enact a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

5) Scrap the current tax code in favor of a flat tax or fair tax.

6) Allow no bills be introduced unless they qualified under the 10th Amendment as powers specifically reserved for the federal government.