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By Thomas Madison

443 romania

So, Bulgaria has found an answer to their illegal immigration problem. They have recently been inundated by a swarm of Syrian refugees, flooding across their border with Turkey, and have found a simple, effective, inexpensive solution. Razor wire. Piling it up, roll upon roll, ten feet high has alleviated their illegal immigration problem, proving to we clueless Yanks that there are simple solutions right under our noses. This simple solution, by the way, has been recommended by many Americans to their Congressional reps for a long time, but apparently they are too busy grab-assing with lobbyists to read their mail.

Says Defense Minister Angel Naydenov in a news conference on the subject, “The number of incoming illegal immigrants in Bulgaria has now been reduced several times. We have enhanced the border patrols, had additional activities in border surveillance, backed by the presence of the troops right here (in the village of Golyam Dervent).

What novel ideas!!!! Whooda’ thunk? Illegal immigration in the area that this preventative measure has been implemented in has been cut to ZERO!

While American politicians are wringing their hands in public and slapping one another on the back in private for their clever voter recruiting efforts, the Bulgarian government is taking care of business, showing the world what a government is supposed to do – look out for its citizens!