Obama Administration land grab memo leaked

via The Examiner

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s decades-long battle against the federal government over grazing rights continues, but it may get worse over a leaked memo that was uncovered in 2010 that reveals an Obama Administration land grab initiative that may spread across other western states, possibly causing the same showdown between landowners, ranchers, and the federal government.

The Tea Party Command Center on Saturday uncovered the lost news report where former Republican Senator Jim DeMint raised the alarm back in 2010 of a leaked memo about a planned, 10 million acre Western land grab by the Obama administration of 17 sites in 11 western states.

The secret memo stamped, “Internal Draft – NOT FOR RELEASE” was leaked by a Department of Interior official to Utah Congressman Bob Bishop.

The memo titled, “Prospective Conservation Designation: National Monument Designations under the Antiquities Act” proposes that many nationally significant landscapes are worthy of inclusion in the NLCS and if enacted, could very well set off another BLM and property owner standoffs.

The areas listed may be good candidates for National Monument designation under the Antiquities Act; however, further evaluations should be completed prior to any final decision, including an assessment of public and Congressional support.

Some of the areas listed include San Rafael Swell, Utah, Montana’s IS Northern Prairie, Lesser Prairie Chicken Preserve in New Mexico, Berryessa Snow Mountains in California, Heart of the Great Basin in Nevada, Otero Mesa in New Mexico, Northwest Sonoran Desert in Arizona, Owyhee Desert that crosses Oregon and Nevada, and expanding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in California.

Interestingly enough, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that is at the center of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s battle over grazing rights, proposed a program of land consolidation for its checker boarded lands, particularly in Oregon, California, Wyoming, Utah and in Nevada.

The standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management agents and Mr. Bundy entered a new phase on Friday when where militia groups across the country have joined Mr. Bundy’s fight against the feds (BLM) who have circled his land and have stated that they are not afraid to open fire.

According to the Washington Times, a spokesperson for the one of the militia groups said to local “8 News Now” media station that he is not afraid to shoot.