H/T Sandy Tabor

It is time for the FBI to account!

The FBI is looking more and more like an intelligence/enforcement branch of the Democrat Party. At least that is their history for the past two years going back to the “wiretapping” of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, which they were given permission to conduct based upon a known 35-page lie (totally bogus dossier) paid for by the Democrat Party and Hitlery Clinton.

This is NOT a minor indiscretion. This is a criminal scandal that makes Watergate look like a church social. Thank God there are patriots in Congress like Jim Jordan pursuing this as the grave criminal matter that it obviously is.

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No one can tell where this will all eventually lead at this point, but if my name is Clinton, Obama, Comey, Mueller, or a host of other career swamp rats, my pucker factor is through the roof today!

Watch the video, below, as Congressman Jim Jordan grills FBI Director Wray (yesterday) on why the FBI is stonewalling and not turning over its application to the FISA court for permission to wiretap the Trump campaign, which was continued even after Donald Trump was elected President. It is something the FBI could do voluntarily without a problem. Why are they stonewalling and why was FBI agent Strzok really fired? Jordan believes he knows the answer which would be confirmed in the FISA application Wray and the FBI are refusing to turn over.

It is apparent from the FBI’s refusal to turn over the requested FISA application that Congressman Jordan is 100% correct in his belief that the FBI is chin-deep in the most corrupt and criminal political scandal in American history.

I predict that someone, somewhere, who is involved in this mess is going to flip and turn state’s witness for a plea deal. It may be Mueller, it may be someone lower, it may be more than one, it may be many. But, someone is going to flip.