From the now-famous escalator ride and the announcement of his candidacy and platform, I saw it. It was clear. Here was a man who had everything. He needed nothing. No one else in his position would have volunteered for the abuse he was certain to receive at the hands of his political enemies, and they were many. Yet, he persisted.

Candidate Donald Trump was opposed by the Democrat Party, the sizable establishment wing of the Republican Party, the totally out-of-touch leftist mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, most of the parasitic K Street lobbyist corps, many well-heeled billionaire philanthropists, and tens of millions of gullible, blind Americans who knew no better than to believe the lies and propaganda they were being told.

From the beginning, it was clear that candidate Trump was a patriot with a heart as big as his bank account. His agenda was the same as many Republican presidential candidates before him, yet it was apparent that this candidate was paying more than lip service to his uber-conservative agenda. You could tell he meant what he said and was intent upon making his agenda reality.

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Oddly enough, despite Trump’s very conservative platform that included abolishing illegal immigration and building a border wall, massive tax cuts, huge increases in defense spending to rebuild America’s depleted military, and an America First policy of trade reform that would FINALLY level the playing field with our trade partners, many conservatives I know personally insisted that Trump was a centrist. I suggested they stop believing the lies and propaganda the mainstream media was telling them as I outlined the planks in the Trump platform, and challenged them to identify a centrist position in any of those planks, challenges that were typically met with shrugs of indifference. It is this apathy that permitted the establishment swamp, liberal Democrats and globalist Rinos, to reign in Washington for the nearly three decades since Ronald Reagan left office.

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Could one man, opposed by nearly everyone in Washington and the media, really drain the swamp, as he promised, and return America to its rightful owners, We the People? The fact that Trump had never been a politician with inside Washington experience may have made him a bit naive to the massive effort that would be required to complete the mission.

With this huge challenge before him, candidate Trump persisted still, confident in his belief that enough of the American electorate could see clearly, loved their country, and had been used and left behind by those they had sent to Washington to represent them and the Constitution the empty suits had all sworn to “support and defend.”

As usual, Donald Trump’s calculation paid off. A groundswell of support among everyday, hard-working Americans, desperate to take their country back, swept him into office, notwithstanding the best and often illegal efforts of his opponents.

Shocking the world, especially liberal Democrats, Donald Trump prevailed on November 8, 2016. I know of no media outlet that predicted a Trump victory, let alone a Trump landslide, except Powdered Wig. I was extremely close in predicting the election outcome, especially that the Trump victory would be determined in the Rust Belt. Although “landslide” is a sensational term invented by the media and its definition subjective and arbitrary, candidate Trump won the electoral college by an impressive margin of 57% to 43%, which, by popular vote standards, is a clear landslide.

So, here we are. Two years of the Trump administration have exposed a deep state so entrenched, so corrupt, so vile, that American patriots watch in horror as a succession of crimes by those opposed to the president and We the People are discovered, one after another, on an almost daily basis.

Where the fight between good and evil will end is still to be determined. But you can be certain of two things – the Democrat Party will continue its effort, aided by the mainstream media, to destroy Donald Trump and America, while American patriots, led by Donald Trump, will continue their fight to make America great again.

Never has it been more critically important to vote with America’s best interest in mind. Vote Trump in 2020. It is an obligation we owe to generations of future Americans.

H/T Anthony Danowski