By Thomas Madison

For anyone still not knowing who to vote for, as if it weren’t completely obvious over the past year, read and share this….

From Trump for Prez member, David Benefiel



This is what you need to know about Donald J. Trump. The truth is that Donald Trump is and always has been a Conservative Republican and here are the FACTS to back it up:
First off, here’s Trump’s official voting registration as released by NYC that shows Trump has been a registered Republican and ONLY a registered Republican since 1980, which is as far back as the records go:…/donald

Here is Donald Trump 28 years ago at the 1988 Republican National Convention being interviewed on being a Republican and on his Conservative values. And lo-and-behold!, … in 1988, he saying the EXACT SAME THINGS that he is saying now!

And, regarding this lie that Trump only donates to Democrats or donates more to Democrats is now also debunked. The truth is far different. According to, Donald Trump has made the follow donations to each Party:

30 Donations to Republicans for a total of $408,350:……and
20 Donations to Democrats for a total of $148,550:

Here is Trump in 1991 arguing before Congress his strong Conservative and very Reaganesque points on the economy and ending corporate inversion, HB Visa abuse, and outsourcing. All of which are key planks in his 2016 platform. So, what we see is that Trump is a Conservative who has been consistent in his views. even as far back as 36 years ago.…/Donald-Trump-on-Economic

Here is Trump on Oprah in 1988 saying exactly what he says today:

Read either his 2000 book ‘The America We Deserve’, his 2011 book ‘Time To Get Tough’, or his new book ‘Crippled America’ all of which fully document his Conservative stance on the issues. Watch/read his speeches and interviews. Go to his official campaign site and read his positions and plans.

Trump is a Conservative Republican. Here’s an itemized rundown on Donald Trump’s positions on the issues over a 15 year period, and aside from a switch in his position on abortion in 2000 (15 years ago), he’s been fully consistent on the issues.

All the above is undeniable proof that Trump is a Conservative Republican and always has been a Conservative Republican. There is NO change in Trump’s Conservative positions or his political affiliation. None.
This foolish and BS “Trump is a Liberal” talking point is now totally invalidated by the facts.
And as a sort of “catch-all:, here’s an excellent rebuttal to all the other bogus anti-Trump “talking points” for ya’ll to enjoy at your leisure:

NOW, tell us; what’s not “conservative” about any of the following items of which Trump plans to accomplish as POTUS. What exactly?

• Making America Great Again
• Closing our open and porous Southern border
• Building a border wall making Mexico pay for it
• Deporting all illegals
• No amnesty
• Lowering taxes across the board/instituting a fairer tax plan
• Stopping trade deficits with countries, especially China
• Lowering the Corporate Tax Rate from the highest in the world at 39% to 15% which will:
• Bring back American companies
• Bring back American jobs
• Bring back American dollars
• Bring back American investments and investors
• Stimulate the growth of new companies and create new jobs
• Ending the H-xB visa and Green Card abuses that has been giving American jobs to foreign workers
• Ending outsourcing for jobs Americans can do.
• Strengthening and supporting our military
• Supporting our Vets
• Fixing the broken VA care system and taking care of our wounded vets
• Saving and strengthening Social Security and Medicare and rejecting its elimination or “phase-out”
• Defending and enforcing 2nd Amendment rights
• Relaxing gun laws and allowing concealed carry in all 50 States
• Signing the oil drilling and fracking contracts
• Putting America on the path to true energy independence
• Making America the greatest energy exporter in the world
• No more Foreign Aid for unfriendly countries
• Reversing our trade imbalances with China and other nations
• Getting the GDP to at least 6%
• Ending NAFTA and other trade deals that are unfair to America and American interests
• Ending the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
• Ending the North American Union Deal
• Ending Obamacare and replacing it with a privatized health system where insurance companies compete across state lines
• Tort reform
• Rescinding all illegal Executive Orders
• Ending all illegal Executive gun control legislation
• Fixing the broken Iran deal and making better foreign deals for America’s interests
• Blowing ISIS to hell
• No deals and no negotiation with terrorists and terrorism
• Supporting Christianity in the U.S. and throughout the world
• Supporting our friend Israel
• Ending Common Core
• Pro-life
• Anti-Global Warming
• Putting America and Americans FIRST for a change.
• Created an immigration plan lauded by his contemporaries
• Created a Border plan lauded by his contemporaries
• Created a tax plan lauded by his contemporaries
• Created a 5-point plan to spur job and wealth creation for Americans
• Barring Islamic immigration UNTIL the possible dangers can be examined
• Actually balancing the budget and getting rid of the deficit
• Cutting government spending, make it stay within its budget restrictions.
• Shutting down wasteful unneeded govt agencies (EPA, Dept of Kleptocracy Education, etc.)

This is all publicly available information for anyone who so much as wants to look. Read his campaign web site, watch his speeches, interviews, and debates, read his books, and watch his advisory testimony before Congress.

Plus if you read either of his books, The Art of the Deal and Crippling America you will get a great insight into Donald Trump! Also ask yourself out of the thousands of people who have worked for Trump why is it only good things have been said if he is the terrible person the media is telling you? Everyone who knows Donald Trump personally have said he is a good, genuine and generous man!!