Dianne Feinstein is rousing the troops, trying to incite enough public outrage over President Trump’s SCOTUS pick to keep him or her from being confirmed.

Feinstein claims that 2/3 of America approves of murdering babies, a practice the California nitwit attempts to sanitize by calling it women’s “reproductive health care.”

No, Dianne, 2/3 of America does not approve of murdering babies. You are lying! With 62% of Americans identifying as church-attending Christians, it is not possible that half of them believe murdering babies is cool, and that is presuming that all of the other 38% of America approves of abortion.

Feinstein doubles down with a second tweet warning woman that their license to be sluts (abortion) is in serious danger if President Trump’s SCOTUS pick is confirmed, an obvious ploy to fire up the grassroots to call their senators and demand that he or she not vote to confirm President Trump’s pick.

Nice try, Dianne, but it ain’t gonna’ work.

Then, Feinstein doubled down with a second desperate tweet, insisting that women are going to die unless they are allowed to have abortions.