Donald Trump has become a multi-billionaire, primarily, in my opinion, by drawing upon five steady, consistent character traits….

  1. Risk-taking, based upon careful calculation and experience. Trump has never been a shoot-from-the-hip gambler, but rather a master of carefully calculated risk.
  2. Keen eye for opportunity. Among the greatest assets any businessman has at his disposal is the ability to recognize opportunity. I have been amazed all my adult life at the opportunities I have found that others simply couldn’t see. It’s like walking down a crowded street and finding a $100 bill every ten or twelve steps, and you are the only one who can see them. Trump enjoys great vision, able to identify opportunity easily.
  3. Planning and execution. Planning is wonderful, but without sound execution, it is worthless. Lots of people abandon plan after plan after plan for one reason or another, often fear.
  4. Fearlessness. Once the plan is in place and he believes in it, Trump has never backed off, moving forward without the slightest fear or apprehension.
  5. Fighter instinct. Growing up and training in the brutally tough arena we know as New York City, Trump became a streetfighter early. He never backs down from a fight, be it with a competitor or the government. In fact, he seems to enjoy it. He relishes a good fight and feeds on it.

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We the People are now the fortunate beneficiaries of the tremendous business genius and talent of Donald Trump, an unabashed, unapologetic patriot. So, too, is the entire world the beneficiary.

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I believe nothing less than Divine Providence brought President Trump to this particular and critical juncture in world history, the same Divine Providence that brought that collection of geniuses together in Philadelphia in 1776. They changed the world for the better forever and, so, too, is Donald Trump altering the course of history for the better.

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Case in point: President Trump’s plan of action for America’s relationship with the rogue dictatorship in North Korea, which has been playing out on the world stage for two years.

Having become a nuclear power, dictator Kim Jong un has threatened his neighbors and the United States for years, as did his father before him, ostensibly to receive financial favors in exchange for peace, which has worked with every prior president over the past two decades. It has not worked, however with President Trump, as his vision of the relationship is clear. He fully understands the dynamic and the leverage the US has on North Korea.

When Kim threatens nuclear war, provocatively threatening US allies South Korea and Japan by testing nuclear weapons and sending nuclear-capable missiles into their neighboring seas, he, as his father before him, has historically been granted financial favors, a foolish policy of fear, cowardly capitulating to intimidation. Giving a bully your lunch money in return for him not beating you up is not a wise long-term policy. At some point, the bully must be dealt with.

Kim Jong un is now being dealt with. Clearly cognizant of his leverage (economic and military might), President Trump has gotten in the gutter to fight Kim, much to the dismay of establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle, and the mainstream media.

Undeterred, Trump stayed on course, making it clear that any aggression against US allies or the United States could result in the rapid annihilation of North Korea. Kim may be a bully by training, but he is not stupid. He could tell that THIS president was different, could not be fooled or bullied into concessions, and that he meant what he said. Negotiating peace was and is Kim’s only option.

Fast forward to the second Trump/Kim summit in Vietnam and the Trump plan is working exactly the way he predicted. He is executing the plan to the letter and the entire world is the beneficiary, especially the people of North Korea, who will now join the free world and the 21st Century. It will not happen overnight, but as with Japan and South Korea, it will happen.

In return for verifiable denuclearizaton by North Korea, the United States, Japan, and South Korea are promising economic development assistance and security. From a dangerous enemy, North Korea is becoming an ally. Everyone is a winner!

Clearly recognizing opportunity where all other leaders could not, citizen Donald Trump prophetically discussed his plan for North Korea twenty years ago with Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer. He is now executing that plan.

In the video below, President Trump explained prior to the first Trump/Kim summit that he is “very well prepared.” Indeed, he has been preparing for decades.

Listen, as a clown masquerading as a White House press correspondent suggests that President Trump’s meeting with Kim is just a photo op. President Trump respectfully explains to him that it is not. I would have been tempted to not only not answer that question, but to have the moron removed from the White House grounds forever.

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Facebook has shut down our pages and our marketing source, thus demonetizing us by 98% for the crime of being conservative patriots. Help us keep the lights on and the message alive by donating anything you can, and please, share this link everywhere….