Maxine Waters has obtained President Trump’s financial documents from Wells Fargo and TD Bank.

According to NBC News, “Wells Fargo provided the committee with a few thousand documents and TD Bank handed the committee a handful of documents.”

Waters and her Democrat-controlled House Financial Services Committee are also seeking the president’s financial records from seven other financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank and Capital One, both of which were ordered by a New York federal judge on Wednesday to comply with the congressional subpoenas and turn over the records.

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“The documents that have been provided so far are a fraction of those requested by Waters, whose committee has also sent subpoenas to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase,” reports NBC. “The Royal Bank of Canada is in the process of complying with the subpoena, according to a source. The other banks have missed the subpoena deadline of May 6,” obviously respecting their client’s privacy, as they should.

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Waters and the Democrats are reported to be “especially interested in the president’s business relationship with Russia and other foreign entities.”

There are several puzzling elements to this unprecedented development which raise what seem to be obvious questions.

First, where is Waters’ probable cause? Didn’t Robert Mueller spend two years and $30 million concluding that there was no substance to the Russian collusion fairy tale? That is what Waters is reported to be re-pursuing. What else can she pursue with no evidence and how can she be allowed to reopen a closed case?

Clearly, Max Wig has no probable cause or you can bet that she and every Trump-hating Democrat inside the beltway would have leaked it upon discovery and the Trump-hating mainstream media would be screaming it from the rooftops 24/7. Her intention is to scour President Trump’s financial records for any uncrossed t or undotted i in the hopes of finding any evidence to pursue impeachment.

Second, congressional subpoenas are worth less than the paper they are written on and are routinely ignored (ask Trey Gowdy). Why didn’t the banks simply ignore the subpoenas?

Third, how could the president’s attorneys not be more proactive on this, or even reactive? Why didn’t they file for an immediate emergency injunction to prevent the release of the records?

Fourth, where is the Attorney General in all of this? Why didn’t he stop the unprecedented injustice before it started? Has he allowed such an injustice to occur simply to appear unbiased and not a presidential partisan? Maybe there is a good bit of Jeff Sessions in William Barr. He is allowing this attack on a sitting president to appear impartial? Really? To hell with that! Justice first and justice always should be his goal, not “justice, as long as it doesn’t make me appear to be politically partisan.” Has another Attorney General thrown President Trump under the bus?

So, what should the president do in response to the coming storm?

He should finally take off the gloves. If Waters is allowed to obtain the president’s financial records, so too can her own records go under the microscope. Waters is one of the most corrupt members of Congress. There is likely enough evidence in the public domain to indict the wicked witch. She has been condemned for her chummy relationship with racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, for the financial windfall her family has enjoyed as a result of her seat in Congress. Waters’ campaign has paid her daughter over $600,000 for sending campaign mailers. There have been many other instances of corruption and potential criminal activity by Waters since she arrived in Washington.

Waters was named the most corrupt member of Congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a liberal watchdog group. She is just another career parasite getting rich in Washington. Her assets are valued at $8 million. Her house alone is valued at $5 million.