Having Paul Rino in the disinfecting sunlight of truth is a good and rare thing. While those of us who were watching Rino’s actions, we could tell that he was clearly a Never Trumper, although he would never be honest enough to admit it.

But, now, one of the few remaining Rino traitors left in Washington has been exposed by my favorite member of Congress, Louie Gohmert, who revealed on Wednesday in an interview with WMAL guest host Derek Hunter that “just a few weeks before the election, we were told by Paul, by our elected leaders that, gee, the only way we can keep the House majority is just all of us start running against the president.”

I’m not sure where Paul Rino is headed next. I hope he disappears, but I suspect he will become a K Street lobbyist, even though he doesn’t exactly need a job. In addition to his congressional pension, his pockets are already overflowing with K Street cash.

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