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Breaking: Finally! Bowe Bergdahl has been referred for trial by court-martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy

Photo, above: Bowe Bergdahl, with the five Taliban cockroaches Barack Hussein traded for him By Thomas Madison Bowe Bergdahl is finally facing the music in his high-profile desertion case, having now been referred for a general court-martial. This is not […]

BREAKING! Army charges Bergdahl with treason!

By Thomas Madison While this story was originally reported by Breitbart in late March, I had never heard it. Thus, I am reporting it now and trying to follow up on the many questions it raises. I don’t know where […]

VIDEO – Bergdahl: I was not deserting. I was walking to higher HQ to report problems in my unit. Right. And I’m George Washington!

By Thomas Madison It looks like Bowe Bergdahl’s defense will be that he never intended to desert his unit. Heck no, that was simply a misunderstanding. He claims what he was really doing was being a whistleblower, yeah that’s the […]

VIDEO: CNN interviewer, Brooke Baldwin, believes that poor Bowe Bergdahl has suffered enough. GMAFB!

By Thomas Madison CNN genius interviewer, Brooke Baldwin, sympathizing with poor Bowe Bergdahl, asks her guest and Green Beret veteran, Scott Mann, “You have those who…on the opposite end, vilifying him. Again, this is someone who was held for FIVE […]

Let’s review. Here is how the left was celebrating Barrack Hussein’s trade of 5 high-value terrorist prisoners for a worthless Army deserter

By Thomas Madison Remember how the Hussein administration and the liberal media were falling all over each other in collective orgasm, crowing about the unparalleled success of our lord and savior Barrack Hussein’s magnificent diplomatic triumph in gaining the release […]

It’s official. The Army is charging Bergdahl with desertion

By Thomas Madison So, our president, Barrack Hussein, traded five high-value terrorist prisoners, and a reported $5 billion, for a deserter, a traitor. While our king was busy praising this deserter as having served honorably, the Army was busy going […]

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly tries to get this Obama stooge to at least admit that the Taliban are terrorists. Instead, he totes Obama’s water. Scumbag!

By Thomas Madison We expect integrity and ethical behavior from our military. In this interview with Megyn Kelly, Pentagon Spokesman Presidential Propagandist Admiral John Kirby totes the administration’s water, parroting the ridiculous claim that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization. […]

The Taliban killed three US contractors in Kabul yesterday, yet the Obama administration still cannot call the Taliban terrorists

Image, above: These are NOT terrorists! Don’t take my word for it, ask anyone in the Obama administration. By Thomas Madison If I hadn’t heard with my own ears I wouldn’t have believed it. White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric […]

“Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor,” says wife of Army NCO who was permanently disabled by a bullet to the head while searching for Bergdahl

Image, above: Shannon Allen’s Facebook post on the page ‘Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor.’ The post currently has nearly 60,000 likes ‘Now, which guy is a hero again?’ Wife of soldier left paralyzed and unable to speak after risking his […]


How does he keep that clam on his head?   By Amy Elizabeth, GOP The Daily Dose According to Reuters, only eight days before the Taliban faction known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) brutally massacred over 130 school children in Peshawar Pakistan […]

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