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Shocking revelation! Susan Rice ordered National Security Council to stand down on Russian meddling as they were exposing it. Why? This is why

From all of the information we have to date, it seems clear that the administration of Barack Hussein didn’t want the Russian meddling to stop because they had already planned to hang it around then-candidate Trump’s neck to destroy him.

“By the book.” Susan Rice’s weird CYA email to herself on Inauguration Day in an attempt to exonerate Barack Hussein, actually implicates him

It is now painfully obvious that many players in the administration of Barack Hussein acted outside the law in a conspiratorial attempt to destroy candidate, then President-Elect, then President Trump. How deep the corruption actually goes is yet to be seen.

BOMBSHELL! Fox News: “They’re going to be indicted. Now is it going to be a member of the (Obama) administration? It would have to be….”

Once they determine who did it here, they’re going to be indicted. Now is it going to be a member of the administration? It would have to be because they’re the only ones who had access.

Chuck Schumer blocks unmasking investigation with obscure procedural rule. Whatcha’ afraid of, Chuckie?

Chuck Schumer used an obscure procedural rule to block Senate Judiciary Committee members from hearing a national security briefing as part of their investigation into the unmasking of American citizens.

Smoking gun alert! Where are Susan Rice’s Trump wiretapping records? NSC claims they are in the Obama Library, except it doesn’t exist yet

I suspect this may be a smoking gun involving an NSC liberal who is still toting water for Barack Hussein and Susan Rice, attempting to keep prying eyes from what is likely incriminating evidence.

VIDEO: Judicial Watch request for Susan Rice unmasking docs denied by NSC. Docs conveniently shipped to Obama Library, sealed for 5 years

The records relating to Susan Rice’s unmasking of Trump campaign officials have been shipped off to the Obama Library, where they are sealed and unavailable to the public for five years.

VIDEO: Huge development! Susan Rice asking FBI for immunity from prosecution

Should the FBI honor her request, the problem I see with it is Rice is a compulsive liar. She has no credibility, as a person or as a witness.

VIDEO: Mainstream media ignoring the apparently illegal Rice involvement in Wiregate

I have no idea how these so-called media outlets survive unless of course, the Democrat Party and/or its backers are paying them. Nah, they would never do that, would they?

AUDIO: Susan Rice admits that Barack Hussein ordered the surveillance of Trump and his staff

“What happened was as the IC (Intelligence Community) went about the business of fulfilling the President’s request for such a report, they went back and scrubbed more reports.”

BREAKING! President Trump says he thinks Susan Rice committed a crime.

Mr. Trump was asked whether he thought Ms. Rice’s role in “unmasking” the identities of Trump associates who were swept up in the surveillance effort amounted to a crime. “Do I think? Yes, I think,” he responded.

VIDEO: Unbelievable! CNN fake news artist Chris Cuomo calls Susan Rice’s surveillance of Team Trump a “fake scandal”

Cuomo: “The White House blasting the press for not reporting on another fake scandal being peddled by right-wing media.”

Audio: Adam Housely gives Mark Levin an update on Wiregate. The surveillance “did not involve Russia,” which makes it illegal!

“As far as you know right now, it has nothing to do with Russia?” “Our folks told us and we went to some Hill sources we have that were not Nunes, and they say the same thing, that what they’ve seen so far did not involve Russia.”

Susan Rice ordered ‘detailed spreadsheets’ of Trump phone calls

The ones I am really, really pissed at are those who took the orders, did the dirty work, and didn’t come forward or even resist. They simply went along with and participated in the clearly illegal activities.

Predictably, the mainstream media is rushing to the defense of Obama and Rice, claiming GOP is diverting attention from the Russia collusion fairy tale

As expected, the completely worthless mainstream media is rushing to the defense of Barack Hussein and Susan Rice, claiming that the charges of unmasking members of Team Trump are just a diversion.

VIDEO: Susan Rice claims it was her gave the unmasking order, but remember when she said this?

Susan Rice is a proven liar (Benghazi massacre was due to a video). It is clear that she is taking the fall for Barack Hussein by claiming it was she who gave the orders to unmask members of Team Trump.

Susan Rice is taking the fall for Barack Hussein in the Wiregate train wreck. I don’t think it will work

Everything Barack Hussein touches seems to turn to doodoo. Yet, he always has a friendly surrogate around who is willing to rub his or her own nose in it. Enter Susan Rice, who is AGAIN taking the fall for Barack Hussein

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