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Rino Mitt Romney to announce his campaign for US Senate on Thursday. Please, good people of Utah, do not send this scumbag to Washington!

Please, please, please, good people of Utah, do not send this Rino scumbag to Washington! We are getting rid of one Flake, we certainly don’t need another one.

Attention-starved circus freak Chelsea Manning has announced that he/she/they are running for the United States Senate. Twitter responds

Photo, above (RT): Chelsea Manning chose the gate to hell, where all demonic attention whores hang out, as a backdrop for his/her/their Senate candidacy announcement.

Wow! The Senate is actually getting something done, passing $4 trillion budget blueprint in crucial first step for President Trump’s tax overhaul plan

Senate Republicans powered their budget through Thursday night, adopting a fiscal year 2018 plan that would clear the path to get a massive tax deal done relying only on GOP votes, setting the stage for Republicans next big-ticket agenda item.

President Trump is heading to AZ next week to endorse Jeff the Flake’s primary challenger

Senator Jeff the Flake of Arizona has been a Rino obstructionist to President Trump’s agenda, which is the agenda of We the People, since forever. The Flake is an establishment hack who actually appears, like the other senator from Arizona,  to be in the wrong party.

Senator Jeff the Flake’s approval rating in Arizona is at 18%. Syphilis is more popular!

Flake is up for reelection in 2018. Surely, the GOP will be ready with a solid primary challenger, given Flake’s unpopularity among his own constituents.

Obamacare repeal dies in the Senate with seven Republicans voting to NOT repeal the steaming pile of tyranny

Why can’t Congress simply pass a bill to repeal Obamacare? Replace it later when it has been studied thoroughly by industry experts and a suitable replacement has the support of Congress and the public.

VIDEO: Draining the swamp! President Trump has met with three potential primary challengers of Arizona senator Jeff Flake

Jeff the Flake is running for reelection in 2018 and has three potential primary challengers gearing up to replace him in the general election. All three have met with President Trump.

Bravo! With Obamacare “Repeal and Replace” all but dead, frustrated Mitch McConnell is now pushing for repeal only with two years to replace.

The problem with repealing and replacing Obamacare is the “replacing” part. So, why not repeal now and replace later with coverage that is not shot from the hip?

President Trump’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia passes in the Senate

On Tuesday the Senate passed President Trump’s sale of half a billion dollars in precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia.

VIDEO: Big trouble for Comey, who perjured himself before Congress. President Trump’s attorney filing a complaint with DOJ on Monday

(This just in…. President Trump’s personal attorney is filing a complaint with the Justice Department on Monday regarding James Comey’s leaks and lies. Story to follow.)

VIDEO: Career parasite Bernie Sanders shouts at Trump cabinet nominee for being a Christian

Fresh off a buying spree of houses and adult toys, courtesy of a “Dive for Hitlery” windfall, Crazy Uncle Bernie is back on the job, picking up right where he left off, hating on conservatives.

President Trump tweets that “our country needs a good shutdown.” Yep!

It is my understanding that the 60-vote rule is a self-imposed requirement in the Senate rules, which can be altered by a simple majority vote.

VIDEO: Creepy Chucky Schumer demands, “It’s not a negotiation. No wall!” As if he can stop it

Nice try, Creepy Chucky. No matter how long you practice in the mirror being a real badass, you will always come off like a total wimp.

Senate leaders claim to have the necessary support to end the “nuclear option,” bring gridlock back to the Senate

The “nuclear option,” a handy device that erects, like a drawbridge, the middle finger of one side of the aisle in the face of the other side of the aisle. A complete erection often takes days (I hate when that happens).

Finally! Judge Gorsuch confirmed to the US Supreme Court

It took a while, but Judge Neil Gorsuch has finally be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, much to the dismay of liberal weenies everywhere, like Juan Williams in the video below. Be sure to have a barf bag ready.

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