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BOMBSHELL video! Putin wants to interrogate US intel officers in regard to $400 million of illicit money that made its way from Russia to Hitlery’s campaign

I would love nothing more than to see Hitlery in a Russian court trying to explain how she wound up with $400 million of illicit Russian money in her campaign coffers, as well as all of the swamp rats from Brennan to Comey to Strzok.

Putin claims Russia now has nuclear-powered missiles with unlimited range. Perfect! They can launch 360 around the globe and blow their own asses up!

Vladimir Putin has an election this month, so he is putting on a grand show of badass bravado, announcing via Twitter today that Russia now has nuclear-powered cruise missiles with unlimited range. 

VIDEO: Putin emphasizes great meeting with President Trump, new foundation for positive relations between the US and Russia

Since Reagan, the United States has been led by two clueless Republicans (the Bushes) and a pair of corrupt Democrats (Slick and Hussein) who sold their souls to the devil long before inauguration.

VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin’s first handshake, the body language, and my take on the encounter

If body language is any indication of future relationships, the relationship between the United States and Russia is going to be a very friendly one, and that is a very good thing!

VIDEO: Putin offers to turn over recording of President Trump’s meeting with Lavrov to prove that the Democrats are insane

“We are ready to provide the Senate and the US Congress with a recording of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump, but only if the American administration wants it.” Those are the words of Vladimir Putin who claims he can […]

How about some good news for a change? Trump and Putin are forging an alliance to resolve the problems in Syria and North Korea

In my opinion, if both the US and Russia back Assad, one of the few secular leaders in the region, then the problem in Syria will be resolved in a hurry.

VIDEO: Russia is reinforcing its border with North Korea. Could this mean an attack by the US is imminent?

With Kim Jong-un continuing to issue threats of a preemptive strike, it appears that Chinese and Russian leaders are privy to something that the general public is not.

VIDEO: Putin says US attack on Assad is based upon “a crock of sh!t.” He is right!

Putin and Assad are right, and Putin will never choose a country (US) that bombed a sovereign ally without at least allowing an investigation into exactly what happened. We are waaaay on the wrong side of this.

VIDEO: Trump’s former enemies are now his best friends after the attack on Syria. So, what are they calling those of us who disagree?

Suddenly, to his former detractors, Trump went from being Adolf Hitler to Harry Truman in 59 quick cruise missiles.

Very interesting! Russia is threatening to release secrets about Obama

Vladimir Putin, whose respect for Barack Hussein is nonexistent, is threatening to release secrets about him that he requested remain private.

While Chuck Schumerov is going nuts over the liberal fantasy of President Trump having ties to Putin, look what is popping up all over the web

Chuck Schumer has gone completely off the rails over the left’s newest lie, which is nothing more than an attempt to cause damage to President Trump’s administration and to America in the process.

VIDEO: Songbird McCain gets punked by a Russian hacker who calls him and pretends to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Very funny!

Funny as hell! I can see Songbird crawling under his desk for safety when the hacker tells him Putin is out to get him.

VIDEO: The brainless Democrats continue to push the lie that Trump is in bed with the Russians, not realizing that the entire world now knows that America’s Democrat Party is a joke

Democrats to gullible American morons: “Run for the hills, folks, save yourselves, or better yet, just place all your trust in the Democrat Party and we will take care of you.”

Intel officials claim intelligence is being withheld from President Trump because they don’t trust him. These are the same people who trusted Barack Hussein? Really?

Current and former intelligence officials are claiming that sensitive intelligence is being withheld from President Trump by the intelligence community out of concerns that the president cannot be trusted.

Russia is considering turning Snowden over to President Trump to “curry favor” with Trump administration

I think it would be a yuge mistake for Trump to accept Snowden. He should politely keep his distance from this issue, as many people, including yours truly, consider Snowden a hero.

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