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President Trump and Rand Paul are joining forces to design an Obamacare replacement that will be done by executive order, sidestepping Congress

President Trump has, however, been ever the gentleman and team player, allowing Congress its role in deciding the future of Obamacare. And, as is Congress’ history, they crapped the bed again, leaving many millions of Americans with this odious yoke around their necks.

Obamacare repeal dies in the Senate with seven Republicans voting to NOT repeal the steaming pile of tyranny

Why can’t Congress simply pass a bill to repeal Obamacare? Replace it later when it has been studied thoroughly by industry experts and a suitable replacement has the support of Congress and the public.

Bravo! With Obamacare “Repeal and Replace” all but dead, frustrated Mitch McConnell is now pushing for repeal only with two years to replace.

The problem with repealing and replacing Obamacare is the “replacing” part. So, why not repeal now and replace later with coverage that is not shot from the hip?

BREAKING! House passes bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, stripping Planned Parenthood funding

OK, I am officially completely confused by what is going on in Washington. The budget bill that was passed by the House two days ago included funding for Planned Parenthood, one of the most objectionable parts of the bill, in […]

FAILURE! It is past time to replace Paul Rino, who failed, with a Republican majority, to secure the votes to repeal Obamacare

Ryan has a Republican majority in the House and still can’t find the votes necessary to repeal the biggest steaming pile of government control freak tyranny to come down the pike since prohibition.

UN is threatening President Trump that repealing Obamacare violates international law. I have a solution

I think it would be wise for the UN to mind its manners, lest the world’s largest collection of career parasites finds itself looking for a new host nation. The current US president is not exactly enamored with the organization.

Rinocare’s crash and burn may be a brilliant stroke by President Trump. Art of the Deal, indeed!

Did President Trump envision this, giving Rino enough rope to hang himself? Brilliant move if he did. That would place the momentum squarely in the President’s hands and force both Republicans and Democrats….

Key House leaders postpone Obamacare repeal vote. I happen to agree with them on this one

We may be pushing too hard to repeal Obamacare and are risking implementing a product that may not be much better for the sake of expedience, when expedience is not necessary. Patience! Get it right the first time.

President Trump will win reelection in 2020, plus there will be big Republican gains in the House and Senate in 2018 and 2020. Here is why

So horrendous is and was Obamacare that its repeal and replacement, coupled with attendant reduced spending and tax cuts, which are massive, will surely mean big Republican gains in the next two election cycles.

You can’t make this stuff up. Nancy Pelosi is blaming the utter failure of Obamacare on guess who

Remember Speaker Batshit Crazy saying, “We have to pass it so you can see what is in it?” Well, we have seen what is in it, Nancy.

VIDEO: Censored News Network (CNN) did it again, cutting their news feed when a citizen slams Obamacare

As the first Obamacare victim finishes slamming the steaming pile of fake healthcare, Anderson Cooper goes all WTF? “Just lost the tape there from the White House.” Uh-huh.

Here is Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement, which is far superior to Paul Ryan’s Rinocare

Rinocare, being nothing more than a steaming pile of Obama Light, must die a quick death, although its chief proponent Paul Rino is doing all he can to shove it down the throats of the American people.

VIDEO: Hilariously ironic letter from Nancy Pelosi to Paul Ryan, and Dennis Miller’s take on the former Speaker

Nancy “Out-to-Lunch” Pelosi wants to put the brakes on, slow down, take ten years or so to discuss this. She just said the bill, and I am not kidding….

BOOM! President Trump has Paul Ryan cracking the whip on Capitol Hill, on a three-week schedule to repeal Obamacare

Paul Ryan: “Here is our vision of how we replace Obamacare, after we repeal Obamacare. That’s the bill we’re working on right now. That’s the bill we’re working on with the Trump administration.”

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: Trump has committed the most revolutionary act I’ve seen in 45 years

In the video below Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how President Trump “ordered a truly revolutionary act, the likes of which I have never seen in the 45 years I have studied the government’s laws.

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