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Piers Morgan: “Trump was RIGHT about letting in poorly vetted refugees who repay Britain’s kindness with blind hate and bombings”

Now back home in gloomy old England, the very real threat of Islamic terrorism is nudging Piers ever so gently to the philosophical right. No, Piers has not come out and declared that everyone should own a gun, but he has said that President Trump is right with his Muslim travel ban.

Despite Supreme Court ruling, lower courts continue to block President Trump’s immigration policy

Until President Trump begins ignoring the Obama-appointed lower court judges’ rulings to block his agenda for partisan political reasons he will get little done, which is the goal of the leftists.

VIDEO: The Trump effect! Hungary to begin detaining ALL Muslim refugees. Will the rest of Europe get smart and follow?

Hungary’s parliament approved Tuesday the systematic detention of all asylum-seekers in container camps, in a move that Prime Minister Viktor Orban said will make all of Europe safer.

VIDEO: France is on fire! Muslim refugees are destroying their host country

We all knew in our hearts where the touchy-feely, leftist, multicultural experiment in Europe was going to lead. Well, we are there now and it is not pretty.

George Clooney has been blasting President Trump for banning Muslim refugees. Now Mr. Clueless’s home, Lake Como, Italy is being overrun by Muslim refugees

After listening to world savior, liberal airhead, and self-absorbed Hollywood moron George Clooney blast President Trump for his Muslim refugee ban, I have to admit this is delicious!

Gross, fat sow advertises that she will gladly have sex with any and all refugees. Talk about hard up!

She can’t find an American willing to have sex with her, so she will be delighted to hook up with men used to goats as sex partners. Personally, I would prefer a goat to this farm animal.

CONFIRMED! German intelligence reports that ISIS death squads are intermixed amongst the Muslim refugees

German intelligence has confirmed that ISIS death squads are intermixed amongst the so-called refugees that are flooding Germany’s borders, as well as borders across Europe.

Superwoman lives! Watch this female store clerk clobber Muslim refugee shoplifters. I don’t know who she is, but I want her on my team!

Thomas Madison Just WOW! This is one tough chick! Watch this female store clerk in Finland brawl with scumbag Muslim refugees who are shoplifting. She wrestles the stolen merchandise away from one, who runs away as fast as he can. […]

VIDEO: Donald Trump plans to bring back enhanced interrogation, like waterboarding, for Islamic terrorist POWs. Awesome! Go, Donald!

By Thomas Madison George Stephanopoulos interviewed Donald Trump on Sunday, grilling him over his plan for Muslim refugees and the War on Terror. Trump explained that he would implement a database for Muslim refugees. “When the Syrian refugees are going […]

From Contributing Author, Rod Eccles on Muslim refugees: Is the United States REALLY going to do this even though history says we should not?

By Rod Eccles There is a great amount of rhetoric floating around over the Syrian Refugees due to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. The questions being asked are should the United States take them in?  Should we block […]

Donald Trump says NO to Muslim refugees. “We have to straighten out our own problems!”

Photo, above: Thousands of Muslim refugees overwhelm the train station in Budapest, Hungary on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. Note that there are very few women, children, and elderly in the group of refugees. Nearly all of whom are young Muslim men.

VIDEO: Ungrateful Muslim refugees chant “F**k You” and “Allahu Akbar” in Budapest, Hungary

By Thomas Madison Have the Europeans gone completely insane? They are accepting Muslim refugees who show their gratitude to their generous hosts by chanting “F**k You” and “Allahu Akbar.” Many Muslims have been converting to Christianity, but only for the […]

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