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Saudi Arabia has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Qatar. Experts fear a “military confrontation”

Whether the alleged assassination plot has anything to do with Saudi Arabia’s ultimatum or President Trump’s Middle East visit is unknown, but without question the timing is suspicious.

Mattis nominates Muslim Brotherhood tool as top Pentagon civilian. Trump says HELL NO!

Not only does Anne Patterson possess ZERO defense experience, she is a whisker from being on the terrorist watch list. In fact, liberty-loving Egyptians believe she IS a terrorist! (photo,above)

VIDEO: 3-man IT spy ring (all Muslims), working for Democrat Congressmen, subject of a criminal probe and possible compromise of most sensitive US intel

H/T Sandy Tabor Three Muslim brothers working as IT techs for Democrat Congressmen in the House of Representatives were fired Thursday for illegally accessing House members’ computer networks, which initiated a criminal probe. The wife of one of the brothers […]

Wow! According to Egypt’s TV14 network, Obama secretly transferred eight billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, not the Egyptian Government

This is NOT just one more SNAFU by an incompetent leader. It is a deliberate, criminal attempt to pay terrorists bent upon the murder of every Jew on the planet.

So, after the nightmare in Orlando, what do we do? Tighten our borders? Nah. Increase security? Heck no! I know. Let’s promote the Muslim Brotherhood!

If you are among those who have believed, as I did for many years, that the Republican Party is the party of patriots and the Democrat Party is the, well, other party, populated by by gimme artists, morons, and corrupt […]

Obama admin won’t meet with Netanyahu, but is meeting with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to support opposing secular President al-Sisi

Photo, above: Supporters of Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi chant slogans during a demonstration in Dalga Village, in upper Egypt, Friday, Aug. 30, 2013 / AP By Thomas Madison Egyptian President al-Sisi has been a secular leader, accepting of all faiths. […]

Obama DHS advisor, Mohamed Elibiary, has resigned.

By Thomas Madison Muslim Brotherhood supporter, DHS “Senior Fellow,” and Obama advisor (no, that is not a joke), Mohamed Elibiary has resigned his position at DHS, ostensibly to remove the heat his boss, Barrack Hussein Obama, is feeling for Elibiary’s […]

One of my favorite members of Congress, Louie Gohmert, slams King Hussein for “Muslim Brothers” influence….

Is anyone else sick and tired of Obama’s catering and pandering to Muslims, or is it just me and Louie? BY Igor Volsky, Think Progress CREDIT: AP A Republican congressman warned Americans that President Obama would not be able to […]

Morsi’s wife threatens to publish letters from Hillary Clinton, exposing “special relationship” between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

by Thomas Madison I LOVE the Egyptian people. Talk about strength of character! Thirty-three million Egyptians marched on Cairo to oust their Terrorist-in-Chief. Imagine 130 million Americans marching on Washington to remove our own Terrorist-in-Chief. Impossible to imagine. American apathy […]

Not every terrorist has a goat. Muslim Brotherhood now authorizing "anal Jihad" for fighters in remote regions…

EGYPTIAN CLERIC: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AUTHORIZES ‘ANAL JIHAD’ FOR LONELY TERRORISTS by  Frances Martel, Breitbart An Egyptian cleric formerly known as the “preacher of the revolution” during the revolt against President Hosni Mubarak warned Egyptian television viewers this week that Muslim […]

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