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VIDEO: LOL! Bill Kristol and fellow sourpuss liberal weenies look like they have just stepped in dog crap as Obama’s ambassador to Russia praises President Trump

Sounds like a great plan, right? In addition to the host, MSNBC trots out card-carrying Trump-hater Bill Kristol who liberals love, always trying to pass him off as a conservative who hates Trump when actually he is as conservative as Hitlery Clinton.

VIDEO: Former leftist federal prosecutor threatens to press charges against Devin Nunes if FISA memo is released. He is a moron. Here is why

Former federal prosecutor Frank Figliuzzi is calling for the criminal investigation of Representative Devin Nunes if his staff’s Russia memo – which reportedly contains classified intel – is released to the public. 

VIDEO: Unbelievable! MSNBC goes out of its way to dismiss and excuse Al Franken’s sexual assault that there is photographic proof of

In a lengthy facebook apology, Franken also claimed that he didn’t know what he was thinking when he grabbed the woman’s breast. I know what you were thinking, Franken. The same thing you were thinking when you stuck your tongue down the woman’s throat without her permission.

Hilarious video! A congressman refers to Rachael Maddow as a man. She seems to like it

A guest on Rachel Maddow’s show, Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), joined Maddow in a piling on of President Trump over his tax returns, which no one else in the country is really interested in, explaining Maddow’s low-double digit viewership numbers.

VIDEO: Fake News MSNBC blames Afghan robotics team visa denial on President Trump’s travel ban, except Afghanistan is not on the travel ban list

Here you go, Katy. These are the countries from which immigrants to the United States are banned. Hint: the red ones. It took me all of 7 seconds to find this on Google.

To hell with Kate’s Law and sanctuary city crackdown legislation, let’s hear more about Joe and Mika’s sordid affair. The National Enquirer is obliging

President Trump has made Joe Scarborough and his pet airhead THE NEWS! To hell with Kate’s Law and sanctuary city crackdown legislation, let’s hear more about Joe and Mika’s sordid affair.

VIDEO: Mika Brzezerzxzdtzwerzinski calls President Trump “narcissist, mentally ill, not well, ignorant, and stupid,” all in 23 seconds

A few weeks ago, Trump-hating, Joe-humping Mika Brzezerzxzdtzwerzinski of MSNBC treated the network’s 17 viewers to a foaming-at-the-mouth tirade against our chief executive, calling him “narcissist,” “mentally ill,” “not well,” “ignorant,” “stupid,” and “who says he can grab women anywhere,” all in […]

VIDEO: Mainstream media devotes 28 times more coverage to President’s Mika tweet than to the historic passage of Kate’s Law

Mainstream media was all about President Trump’s critical tweet of MSNBC chair sitter Mika Bzrzxdyjkwzhzinski, Joe Scarborough’s easily forgettable straight man and hosebag du jour.

VIDEO: Live on air, watch this booger decide it is time to part company with Trump-hating NBC liberal weenie Hallie Jackson

What do you do when you are live on the air and a booger decides it is time to leave home? Nothing! There is nothing you can do but dig a hole and stick you head it.

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Joy Reid attacks Steve Scalise for being a conservative while he is in critical condition in the hospital

“Because he is in jeopardy and everyone is pulling for him, are we required in a moral sense to put that (being a conservative) aside at the moment?”

When a foaming-at-the-mouth Trump hater like Chris Matthews says you got nothing on Trump, you got nothing on Trump!

A lot has happened since Matthews felt the famous thrill up his leg, an experience he will unfortunately not enjoy for the next eight years, unless of course, he gains a hundred IQ points.

Karma! Since illegally revealing President Trump’s tax return on TV, Rachel Madcow’s ratings are tanking

MSNBC host Rachel Madcow has really stepped on her wiener this time (yes, I believe she has one). Since illegally revealing President Trump’s 2005 federal tax return on the air to her 17 viewers nationwide, her ratings have tanked.

VIDEO: Oops! President Trump and his legal team are considering a lawsuit against MSNBC for illegally publishing his tax return

By all means, Mr. President, nail these parasites to the wall and do not be gentle. If you allow them to get away with this, you will embolden the criminals even further and it will be worse next time.

VIDEO: Bizarre! How stupid can a liberal be? THIS stupid! MSNBC is blaming Trump. “This presidency is fake and failed”

Validating blonde jokes while discussing Barack Hussein’s bugging of candidate Trump’s offices in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign, airhead Mika Brzezinski saw the victim, President Trump, as the villain.

Oh, the irony! Guess who the left is trotting out to be their new face in the war on “fake news?” You simply cannot make this stuff up!

Wait! Is that “Silent Night” I hear in the distance? No, I believe it is “Taps.” So sorry for your loss, Democrats. You’re party has gone the way of the Woolly Mammoth.

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