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It hits the fan again in Ferguson. On Michael Brown anniversary, close friend of Brown fires at police, who shoot him several times. He is in critical condition

Photo, above: Angry protesters scream and shout at a police line shortly before shots were fired in an officer involved shooting in Ferguson By Daniel Bates, Daily Mail, and John Hall, MailOnline Ferguson was put under a state of emergency […]

VIDEO: A word on the racentric hysterics regarding our burgeoning new world police state

By Thomas Madison If we allow the race baiters, i.e., Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, to dominate the narrative on race in America then we are doomed. Those individuals or racists themselves, hardly credible in a discussion on race. The video, […]

Michael Brown’s mother comments on wounded cops: “F*** them 2 cops.” “No sympathy.” “Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun!”

By Thomas Madison Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s mother, found it appropriate to chime in, via facebook, on the tragic shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, during the continued protests this week. Said McSpadden: “If my FAM woulda got […]

SWAT team raids Ferguson house in response to last night’s shooting of two wounded Ferguson police officers

From Simon McCormack, The Huffington Post A SWAT team swarmed a house in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday searching for suspects in the Wednesday night shooting of two police officers, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The raid came shortly after […]

BREAKING: Two Ferguson police officers shot during midnight protest. One officer shot in the face. Thanks, Sharpton, Holder, Obama!

From Associated Press, via New York Post Thursday, March 12, 2015 | 2:04am FERGUSON, Mo. — Two officers were shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department early Thursday, a spokesman for the county police department said, as protesters gathered […]

STUPID! Black lynch mob, I mean grand jury, holding fake court on Darren Wilson

The only thing missing is rope! By Thomas Madison A mob of blacks claiming to be legal experts are meeting this weekend to prove that a real grand jury and real evidence are meaningless, and any white shooting a black, […]

Saint Louis protester charged with ten counts of terrorist threats to police

From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit In late December, as reported at The Gateway Pundit, a Ferguson protester is threatening to murder police on New Year’s Eve. “F*ck 12 and u. PICK A sidE or die with em. #Ferguson #VonderritMyers […]

Dorian Johnson admits he lied when claiming that Mike Brown was shot in the back

Shouldn’t Johnson be prosecuted for not only the strong arm robbery he participated in with Michael Brown, but also for lying to the police, and inciting a riot? From DC Beacon Evidence made public in yet another evidence dump by […]

Making up law, black activists convene all black grand jury to hear Michael Brown case

By Tom Tillison, BizPacReview In a scenario that leaves little suspense as to the outcome, African-American community leaders will convene an all-black grand jury to review the evidence in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The mock grand jury will convene […]

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons threatens much trouble on the way if indictments don’t come down

By Thomas Madison “America has not seen protests like those that are coming” if we don’t get indictments, threatens hip hop goon Russell Simmons. What a complete racist idiot! Simmons is obviously brain-dead. Especially in the case of Darren Wilson, […]

Another witness in the Michael Brown case, Shawn Gray, found dead

From Another witness of the shooting of Michael Brown has been found dead in a dry channel near River Des Peres in Misssouri, local authorities confirmed. The man has been identified as 23-year-old Shawn Gray, a black man who testified during the grand […]

‘Mad White Man’ delivers brutal honesty on the disease that is race pimp Little Al Sharpton

THOUGHTS ON SHARPTON: Diary of a Mad White Man By Pete Parker, Clash Daily Allow me to wax brutally honest: Al Sharpton is the most vile and treacherous viper that has ever slithered across the political landscape. He is an […]

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