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VIDEO: “Unhinged mob” of “amoral vultures” (WH Press Corps) screams wildly and disrespectfully at President Trump for not stopping to answer questions

Any violation of this list of three simple rules WILL result in your immediate expulsion from White House grounds for the day. A second violation will result in your expulsion from White House grounds for 30 days. A third violation will result in your permanent expulsion.

Pew Research study concludes US media most biased (dishonest) in the world

I don’t think we really needed a research study to prove that America’s mainstream media is the most biased and dishonest media of any country on the planet, but Pew Research gave us one, anyway.

VIDEO: Perfect example of how diseased the media has become in covering President Trump. The latest Trump slam – the infamous fish feeding incident

A number of journalists on Twitter lambasted President Donald Trump for pouring an entire box of food into a pond of precious Japanese koi, some even suspecting that amount of food could damage the fish.

Liberal weenie MSM reporter slammed President Trump for not demanding the death penalty for the Las Vegas mass murderer, who is already dead

Stokols’ condemnation of the president centered around the fact that President Trump did not demand the death penalty for Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer, who is already dead. He was attempting to paint President Trump as a racist who would condemn a Muslim to death but not a “white person.”

VIDEO: The fake news mainstream media blasted President Trump for not commenting on Charlottesville earlier. He handles them like a boss!

Many of the facts are still not out as to exactly what happened in Charlottesville on Saturday, yet the fake news mainstream media expected President Trump to make a statement before the police had the perpetrator out of his car, like he is supposed to be barking orders at the cops from the Oval Office. What stupidity!

Brutal! Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders flay the liberal fake news artists in the White House Press Corps

“The only thing I see misleading is a year’s worth of stories that have been fueling a false narrative about this Russia collusion, a phony scandal based on anonymous sources. And I think that is, if we’re going to talk about misleading, that’s the only thing misleading I see in this entire process.”

VIDEO: This appears to be the speech that finally put to rest the Russian collusion fairy tale

The Russian fairy tale has finally reached The End. I hope I’m not premature in saying that and some snoop doesn’t find yet an empty bottle of Russian salad dressing in the White House trash and the fairy tale survives yet another week.

Remember this name. Matt Bradley. Store it in that deep dark corner you reserve for other foul pieces of sh!t

NBC’s Matt Bradley, who I have never heard of before, is suggesting that President Trump’s motive for helping little Charlie Gard stay alive is nothing more than a political calculation.

Genius! While the Democrats bitch about President Trump’s tweets, he is quietly shoving his agenda down their throats

Stay tuned tomorrow as President Trump tweets, “Na-na-na-na-na, Maxine Waters is on dog food, na-na-na-na-na,” while he puts cameras in all of America’s mosques.

VIDEO: Mainstream media devotes 28 times more coverage to President’s Mika tweet than to the historic passage of Kate’s Law

Mainstream media was all about President Trump’s critical tweet of MSNBC chair sitter Mika Bzrzxdyjkwzhzinski, Joe Scarborough’s easily forgettable straight man and hosebag du jour.

VIDEO: Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts the fake news media right to its face over the O’Keefe CNN video we published this morning

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was taking no prisoners this morning during the White House press conference when a reporter in the audience asked about the charge that CNN is fake news.

It took five whole months for the liberal Democrat Trump-hating “resistance” to go James Hodgkinson full postal. Ann Coulter describes how we got here

So, here we are, James Hodgkinson full postal. The liberal bullets are now a-flying. How do the leftist talking heads respond? Some blame Trump for his reprehensible patriotism….

Newt blasts MSM: “The media is a corrupt institution and [Trump] is tired of being harassed by people whose only interest is making him look bad.”

Newt Gingrich: “The media is a corrupt institution and [Trump] is tired of being harassed by people whose only interest is making him look bad.”

VIDEO: President Trump slams the media during his commencement address to the Coast Guard Academy

President Trump delivered sage advice to the Coast Guard Academy Class of 2017, to face adversity by never backing down, by never, ever giving up.

VIDEO: Mainstream media ignoring the apparently illegal Rice involvement in Wiregate

I have no idea how these so-called media outlets survive unless of course, the Democrat Party and/or its backers are paying them. Nah, they would never do that, would they?

Hilarious video! Watch what this guy’s TV does when he commands it to “turn to fake news”

CNN has been outed as the true purveyor of fake news, a term that originated with Barack Hussein, who attempted to use it to paint the right wing blogosphere as illegitimate. But it backfired!

The White House Correspondents Assoc Dinner is a time for fun between the press and the prez. Not this prez. He sends the MSM a big ‘FU, I won’t be there!’

Sick of the abuse and fake news attacks coming from the mainstream media, President Trump tells the White House Correspondents Association to pound sand. They can eat alone.

Rush Limbaugh: “We got one of the best administrations in the history of administrations. Just what the doctor ordered.”

“We’ve not seen anything like this, and Trump did it with an air of confidence and self-assuredness. He was not nervous at all. He was having fun with them. He was toying with them.”

VIDEO: Watch these mainstream media parasites try to force Martin Luther King, III into calling Donald Trump a racist

Sometimes I feel like reaching through my monitor and grabbing fake news makers from the liberal mainstream media by the throat and shaking some sense and humanity into them, if that is possible.

Fake news, aka news liberals don’t want you to hear! A clear attempt by the left to destroy the right wing blogosphere. Ron Paul is on the list, and he is hot!

The left and MSM understand that if they are to survive they must kill the right wing blogosphere. Personally, I think they have no chance of succeeding. I think they are dead. They just don’t know it yet.

VIDEO: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour says we must eliminate “fake news,” aka “news liberals don’t want you to hear,” aka the right wing alt. media

Translation: “Donald Trump is going to arrest liberal journalists, put us in cages, have us whipped in public, and he might even grab my…. never mind.”

VIDEO: Remember when politicians, pundits, and media talking heads laughed at Donald Trump being elected President? Let’s review, shall we?

The mainstream media has done all it could to defeat Trump. Thankfully, they are not stronger than We the People. Who’s laughing now?

VIDEO: Trump invites execs and anchors from the MSM to a meeting. “It was a f**king firing squad,” one source said.

The media pimps were expecting a speech on how accessible President Trump would be to them. Instead, Donald Trump ripped them all brand new exhaust ports.

VIDEO: Donald Trump got a standing O when he arrived at a NYC restaurant for dinner, except from the press, who were bitter and pouting.

When fellow diners saw that it was Donald Trump entering the restaurant they stood and cheered. Trump cheerfully thanked them all and shook their hands.

VIDEO: Donald Trump has received over four times as much network TV coverage as Hitlery. The problem is a stunning 91% of it has been openly “hostile” or “negative”

There has been four times as much negative network TV coverage of Trump than there has been of Hitlery over the past 12 weeks. 91% of Trump coverage has been hostile or negative.

Aussie contributor reinforces the GLOBAL need to elect Donald Trump President of the United States

After the presidential debate featuring nice guy network victim Donald Trump and smug corrupt criminal Hitlery Clinton, I said that “Trump needs to take the gloves off and take control of these spectacles.” He didn’t prevail in the primary by […]

This is a very good example of just how successful the mainstream media has been at feeding horsesh!t to the American public

So, how would the mainstream media report the FACTS in the pic below? Yep, it’s a fact that it was Lincoln’s Republican Party that abolished slavery. Every single Republican in Congress voted to abolish slavery while only 23% of Democrats […]

VIDEO: Wow! Remember mild, meek, and timid Ben Carson? He has morphed into Donald Trump! Watch him blast the media for their dishonesty

Thomas Madison A year ago I thought Ben Carson did not possess the temperament to be Commander-in-Chief. He was meek and timid, and he spoke so softly I could barely hear him. Well, that was then and this is now! […]

Why isn’t the mainsteam media reporting this? Louisiana crackpot who shot up the theater loved Obama. Yet, MSM labeled him “right wing extremist”

By Thomas Madison While many media outlets have been busy trying to paint John Houser, the nutjob who shot up the Lafayette, Louisiana theater, as a right-wing extremist, as it turns out Houser was an Obama admirer who not only […]

A quick look at at how unfair and WRONG liberals and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media are

By Thomas Madison The pic, above, is just another example of the mainstream media’s (see Democrat Party Communications Department) blatant leftist bias. Partisan rag and liberal stormtrooper, NY Daily News, depicted the Confederate flag and Washington Redskin banner with the […]

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