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VIDEO: THIS is why our public schools are producing liberal zombies. Watch this waste product of a teacher violate this kid’s rights. For what? Wearing a MAGA hat

They simply follow the crowd and, having not yet formed a complete ability to think and analyze on their own, can be talked into anything by influential morons, which is why I have long favored repeal of the 26th Amendment.

VIDEO: The new, testosterone-charged Lindsey Graham is at it again: “If you’re the radical left who is trying to destroy the country, you can kiss my ass!”

With Lindsey’s newfound testosterone has come an expanded and expected vocabulary of curse words that Graham is quick to employ, regardless of circumstances. Mixed company, national television, makes no never-mind to Lindsey. Testosterone works that way. Those afflicted tend to not give a doodly.

VIDEO: Before and after transformation of a Never Trumper who attended one Trump rally and is now all aboard the Trump Train

THIS is what keeps liberal weenies awake all night in a cold sweat! They see Never Trumpers who openly don’t like President Trump or, at best, are on the fence, and voila! they attend one Trump rally and suddenly they are singing God Bless America.

VIDEO: WHOA, hold the presses! Former foaming-at-the-mouth Never Trumper Glenn Beck has gone full MAGA and begging for Trump’s forgiveness

Even though Beck’s staff likely lined his new lid with tin foil at his insistence, I am very happy and proud to welcome Brother Beck back to at least semi-sanity. Who knows, he may become completely sane one day.

VIDEO: Hot damn! Get an earful of this patriot going full MAGA. You go, Henry!

Warning: If you are politically correct and offended by honest, direct language that may contain a few cuss words, like two out of every three words are cuss words, then you may want to visit YouTube where you can find all the G-rated kumbaya videos you want.

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